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Tech Culture: Stuff and things

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CNET's Tom Merritt and Brian Tong are here to answer your questions on whatever you feel like asking. It's all fair game on this edition of Editors' Office Hours.

[ music ] ^M00:00:06 >> All right, what's up everybody. Welcome to Editor's Office Hours. I'm Brian Tong, you might recognize the guy next to me. What was your name again? There you go. Nice to meet you. All right, Tom Merritt's in the house, editor extraordinaire here with CNET TV as well. We're gonna be here answering whatever questions you want. This is our no holds barred edition, whether you want to know about what product we prefer over another, I don't know, any question under the sun. Any question under the sun, personal - >> Doesn't mean we'll answer it, but you can ask any question. >> - professional. Yeah. So if you guys don't know already, down below us, this is all about you guys to interact, we have our chat room below, so you guys can chit chat, talk over there. If you want to send us direct questions, up here on the right hand corner box, it's a nice white box. You just need to create a CNET user name and password. Over here. >> Over here. >> You're obviously new to this aren't you, yeah, okay. It's up here. And then you can submit your questions. That's how we get them, and that's how we'll be able to interact with you guys directly. So we already have a couple of questions to get warm, but Tom just came fresh out of the Buzz Out Loud podcast, doing it live. And were there any news stories, at least that were kind of the top of mind that you had for today's show that stick out? Or all of them were, right? Or did you - >> Oh well, iPhone is now listed as the top selling handset over the Razr, and most reliable over the Blackberry and Trio. >> That's interesting. >> Intel is doing healthcare devices. >> Really? >> Yeah. >> So what, they're going in the medical field type thing? >> Yeah, looks like they're doing a little hardware - >> [inaudible]. >> - in the personal healthcare. >> I joked on my Apple Bytes show about how the only way that the iPhone would be able to surpass the Motorola Razr was if they started selling a, remember the iPhone with a free contract? But I guess not. >> No, happened anyway. >> I was clearly wrong. >> You know, Molly pointed out a really good thing, which is it, the Razr doesn't have a keyboard. All the other top five handsets listed had a keyboard - >> Had a portable keyboard. >> - in one form or another, they're messaging phones. >> And that's one of the points where, what people are looking for in phones now, right, a keyboard? >> Yeah, they want it to be able to do more. >> They want to be able to message and stuff. Okay, so here we go. This first question is for Tom and Brian. CNET TV is great, thank you very much Cafe Macciado. >> Cafe Macciado. >> Yeah, that sounds good. I don't even have my tea with me. Okay, anyways, CNET TV is great, I have a MacBook Pro with a mini display port to DVI cable, that's the mini display port that's on the new ones. Is it possible for me to get a DVI to HDMI converter so that I can connect it to my full HDTV. >> Yes. >> Thanks. >> Yes it is. >> Yes. >> Next question. No. [ laughter ] It probably runs about twenty to thirty bucks, depending on where you find it. You can find it at Frye's, you can order it online. It's just a little box that you plug your DVI, and your audio, because remember DVI doesn't carry audio, so you have to plug your audio into it separately on one side, and then it's HDMI out on the other. >> Okay, simple. Just like that. All right, excellent. Next question, this one is from Shawn eleven ninety, and he's basically asking me to just, I'm glad I brought it, cause normally I don't have it in the set. But what case does Brian have on his iPhone 3G, and where did he get it? So this, I'm not here to plug, I'm just here to answer the question, right? >> Uh-huh, uh-huh. >> Cause I don't, I don't sell myself - >> Well as long as you explain where you got it. >> Yeah. [ laughter ] That's also - >> anyway, if it's clean. >> This is the nCase slider case. The reason why I like it, it is a little thicker, but it still makes the iPhone look sexy. If you have a black iPhone you can put this white case on, and it, it's also really sturdy. If you look really carefully, I actually what, a few days ago it popped out of my pocket cause I was running. It slid across the street. I tried to reach for it - >> Like a skid. >> Yeah, I tried to reach for it, I actually stepped on the phone and it skid even more and drew like a white chalk mark on the ground, not of a dead body, but everything was all good. So that really made me love this case even more. >> Yeah. That looks better than the case I have. I got a case from you - >> That's right. [ laughter ] >> Well cause you get the cases for free. >> Yeah, I get a lot of goodies for free. >> And I got one from Spark. >> Speck? >> Speck, sorry. [ laughter ] Well, you're not gonna like what I'm gonna say anyway. >> No, no, say - >> Yeah, it kind of comes apart too easily. >> It's a little loose - >> After a while it gets a little loose. And then they had these rubber grips on the side, which are meant to make it easier to pick up, which I didn't really need, but now they're starting to slide off cause of the - >> Are you saying that you would like me to try and acquire you one of these cases? >> I wouldn't mind. >> Okay. >> But I'm not asking. >> I'll see what I can do for you. But anyways, it is the nCase slider case, you can get them online at their store, or at the Apple store. Or you can be my friend, and I'll hook you up with one for free. >> That looks like a good one, yeah. >> Yeah, I mean feel it. >> I might try it. >> It makes it a little wider, but you get used to it cause - >> I might even buy it. >> Oh my gosh, Merritt buying something. >> Yeah, cause you know, I buy all my gadgets, I ought to buy the little thing, cases were cheap, it's not like I'm saving any money. >> Okay, here we go. This question is from TooManyTurtles. TooManyTurtles asks what is the best video editing software in your opinion. >> I, Final Cut. I mean - >> Final Cut? >> I should be clear here. I don't do much video editing myself, honestly. I leave that to the professionals like my wife and Anthony. >> Yeah, yeah, yeah. >> But Final Cut is obviously the best in my opinion because of capability. But it all depends on what you want to do. I mean if you just want to, if you want an easy video editing for some real simple stuff, you don't want to have Final Cut. It's you know - >> Too much. >> It's hitting a small nail with a sledgehammer at that point. Adobe Premier - >> Yeah. >> - Elements pretty good. Final Cut Express is different than Final Cut. >> Yeah, it has a few, it's stripped down with features, but it still is the Final Cut interface. >> If you just want to do simple cuts and transitions, Windows Movie Maker and - >> iMovie. >> - and iMovie are not bad. Some people complain about them cause they can't do as much as people want. So they're very simple, but just for simple things they're not bad. >> And I could definitely tell you I was, when I first was doing production I was born and raised on Avid Systems. And they're nice, but it depends on what you're looking for. Because Final Cut, just the interface overall is easier to use. It just makes more sense. If you're looking to get into video editing for the first time, and you want a little more advanced than kind of the consumer entry level programs, I would look at that. >> Now do you recommend Final Cut Express for somebody who really wants to become an editor? Cause we used to, back in the day, say get Final Cut Express. It's cheaper, and it works just like Final Cut. But it doesn't any more. Final Cut Express is actually a different piece of software. It's similar. >> Yeah, I would say there's one major feature that always bugged me as an editor, with Final Cut Express is the batch capture. And essentially what that means is when you've shot like an hour video, you can actually go through different chunks of the video and say okay, I want minute one through four, keep scrolling through, I want minute like seven through ten, keep going through, I want minute twenty to twenty five. And then after you have all those points marked, you walk away, you hit capture, and it does all those capture points for you. And that was really a huge thing, at least for an editor. Yeah, you're trying to save time, and work more efficiently. And that's what I loved about it. That's not in Final Cut Express, as well as some like other correction things as well. And I don't know, I would, that's why I liked you know, well not why I liked Final Cut Pro, but that's a huge thing for me just as an editor. And you want to, the whole idea is to be more efficient with these programs, not less efficient and slow. >> Yeah. >> So I like, I like that. >> Should ask Anthony, we should ask Anthony. >> Anthony? The voice of - >> He does more editing than either one of us. >> I'm not trying to like Final Cut Express or anything like that. But I know Premier is pretty good and - >> Yeah. >> So Premier is pretty good. >> I use Pinnacle. >> Pinnacle. >> Pinnacle, so Anthony's dropping Pinnacle, he used Pinnacle before. >> I want to know if anybody out there has used Jashaka [assumed spelling], the open source video editor. Cause it's the only free one I know of. >> Shaka. >> Jashaka. >> Jashaka. So don't know, but hopefully that helps you out, Mister TooManyTurtles. >> Never can have too many turtles. >> Okay. The next question is, and I haven't looked at this lately, but is Dell about to introduce new laptops with newer processors and graphics soon? >> Yeah, they just, they just announced, well a new net [inaudible] anyway. I don't know about their product cycle specifically. That's a good one for the Dan Ackerman's of CNET to answer. >> The Dan Ackerman's. >> Yeah. >> I can be it right now. >> Yeah there's, the new graphics cards from nVidia are supposedly going into the Dell laptops. Let me see if I can find like a - >> A little bit of - >> - a good calendar, cause I don't know off the top of my head. >> Okay, that's cool. We also, while we're doing that, I keep on seeing your questions and guys. This one is from PackGamer. And PackGamer asks are you a gamer, if so what do you play? So while Tom is searching for that, I will basically give my little spiel and just stretch this baby out. I'm definitely a gamer, I own an X-Box 360, a PS3, a Wii, a DS Lite, and a PSP. So I would say that I'm definitely a gamer. The game I'm playing right now, Little Big Planet on the PS3 off the chain, Gears War Two I played for like three hours with my buddies last night. Fun, fun stuff. So yeah, I mean I don't really play, I messed with Spore a little bit, I wasn't feeling it. I'm not a Spore hater, but I just wasn't feeling it. It was too much hype for that game. But yeah, I don't know, what about you? >> I hesitate to call myself a gamer, because I don't game as much as the people who generally are really into gaming. But I do have a Wii and an X-Box 360. You know, I like strategy games, so I tried Spore and I played it most of the way through, but kind of got bored by it. I was a little disappointed by Spore. >> Yeah, yeah. >> I play World of Warcraft. >> WOW. >> I just started playing that this summer, so I have a, the question that we always get, just to anticipate that is I have a level twenty seven undead mage. [ laughter ] >> So that's where you stand. >> That's where I, yeah. That - >> So you need to get a lot higher to get a little more street credit with - >> And that seems to be my kind of recreational gaming now. You know, want to play a little game, I just go play Warcraft. >> Yeah. >> It's always there, it's fun for me. It's got a you know, a long shelf life, you can play it forever. I know people that play on it, I've run into a few people in game who are like hey, nice segment. Which is fun, that's cool. ^M00:10:05 And yeah, then on Saturday night we were actually playing Guitar Hero at my house. >> Oh yeah. >> So I'm horrible at it. >> What level of difficulty, what level of difficulty are you though? >> Easy. >> Oh no. >> I can't play, I can't play. >> I always go medium. >> My wife plays medium and she's good. And Wii sports, whenever we have friends over - >> Yeah, Wii's - >> - bowling, I bowled a one ninety two - >> Yeah. >> - on Saturday in Wii bowling. >> I found that in my Wii I use it less and less unless people are over. >> Yeah, we don't - >> Right? >> We don't really, like we played Mario Cart for the first time in months, because people were over, and we played - >> Yeah. >> - like all four of us racing, so it was good, it was fun. >> Yeah, definitely. Okay, this question - >> Let me get the laptop thing. >> Okay, cool. >> I'm not finding a whole lot of new stuff from Dell. So I'm assuming what's out there is what's out there for the holidays. They probably won't add anything much. >> Okay. >> From what I can tell. >> From what you can tell. Okay, here we go. This question, we might have to do a little digging cause I don't know this off the top of my head, unless Tom is the master wiz. This question is from Je je je je je je Jimma, that's like seven J's. He or she asks what is the best laptop that you recommend. Now it has to have four gigs of RAM, with a web cam, 802.11 ABGN, max of 320 gig hard drive, dual core with more than or equal to two gigahertz, it also has to be less than eight hundred bucks. >> I'm with him right up to the - >> Yeah. >> - right up to the eight hundred dollar price point. >> Yeah. >> Then I got nothing for you. I mean I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but I can think of several that meet that criteria, I mean the Macs - >> Yeah, yeah, yeah. >> - meet that criteria. But [inaudible] far, far above eight hundred dollars. >> Yeah, you're gonna be paying like three times that amount to get anything close to that type of power when you pack in, those specs are like basically all the - >> I have a feeling this is a trick question though, you know of a laptop and you're trying to call us out aren't you? >> Yes, he's probably in the chat rooms right now going they don't know. >> A-ha. >> They don't deserve to be on CNET, they don't know. Okay, so, well maybe during the break we'll try to find one close, but I couldn't expect to see one anything close to eight hundred dollars off the top of our head. Okay, here we go. Have you, question is from Benage, or BenAG89, and he or she has been in here quite a lot. So what's up Ben. Have y'all, hey y'all, have y'all heard anything about a true turn by turn GPS application for the iPhone. Now to this point there have been a few companies that have said they're working on a, Telenav is one of them, and - >> Tom Tom said - >> Yeah, Tom Tom said - >> - that they're working on one too. >> If you have a cell phone, geez almost every phone on AT and T and Verizon that has GPS features have the Telenav interface in it. So you guys, or even Blackberry's on T-Mobile. You can check that out, what it might be similar to. Tom Tom said they have one, but no one's come out and outright given us any time tables or timelines of when we'll actually see this stuff. >> Yeah, Apple's real cagey about it. >> Yeah. >> They're like oh yeah, we're gonna do turn by turn when it's right - >> Yeah. >> - and then give no real details about that. So a lot of people are kind of upset that they haven't figured it out already. >> But you know, in the beta for the new iPhone software, at least we get Google Street View. [ laughter ] >> Yeah, I mean it's all right. I actually used, you know, if you have a passenger or if you are a passenger, using Google Maps for directions on the iPhone works really well. >> But Street View, but Street View - >> Well Street View's helpful in it's way, I've used it. >> Okay. >> But if you're alone, and you want the directions to be read to you from your phone like a normal GPS navigator, it's kind of a pain. >> I find Street View to be more of a toy than an actual resource. Like, that's just how I feel. >> Actually you know what I use Street View for is I'm going some place where I haven't been there before, I pop in the Street View and do a three sixty around. I'm like okay that's what the place looks like, there's a gas station on the corner so I'll know when I'm close to that. >> Okay. >> I kind of get familiar with where I'm going. Or you know what else it's useful for is you know, they throw in weird turn lanes, you know, sometimes you're like stay in the left lane, all of a sudden you're in a left turn only. So you can scout that kind of stuff out and be like okay, I want to stay to the right there, even though I want to go left at the next intersection, cause there's a turn lane coming up. >> Okay, fine. >> So I don't - >> You have your counterpoints about it, I think it's, I just think it's a little silly sometimes. >> Plus I was on Street View once, that's another reason. >> Really? >> Yeah. >> Where? >> Walking up from Market Street to CNET. >> Are you still on it? >> I don't know, I don't know if they've replaced that shot. >> So what is it, Market and - >> I was like, no it was on Second Street, like just a block up from Market I think, I can't remember the exact address. >> Okay, okay. So if you guys want to do some happy hunting, go look for Tom there. Here's another question. This question is from NeverForgetJeff. And NeverForgetJeff asks is internet journalism a good profession to go to. What kind of schooling or, what kind of schooling slash experience is required. So for myself, I went to just a standard broadcast journalism program at San Jose State. Well I don't want to call it standard, but you know, I went thorough a journalism program there where we had a TV department, we put out newscasts every week. And more than anything, our job is journalism. Internet journalism, I don't, to me journalism is journalism. I don't know if you're defining internet journalism as like just blogging maybe? >> Well he says internet journalism? >> Yeah, he says is internet journalism a good profession to go into. >> Yeah, it depends on what you mean. If you mean tech journalism, like covering the internet, that's one thing. If you mean just being on the internet as a journalist, that's just journalism now. I mean that's a, that's a good point. There's really no separation. Obviously some folks get it and some folks don't, so there's print journalism that embraces blogs - >> Yes. >> - it embraces publishing online, and there's print journalism that doesn't. Same goes for broadcast journalism. But if you're talking about covering technology, there's a million more ways to do it. I mean I went to journalism school at the University of Illinois, and then kind of by accident ended up in tech journalism. It was more my enthusiasm for the topic that got me into tech journalism. >> Me too. >> And the fact that I had a journalism background was sort of not even considered, ironically. They're like, and one of the people, they're like oh you actually have a journalism degree. Whereas a lot of people in tech journalism now are just people who - >> Loved - >> - really love technology and had a knack for writing about it and getting to know about it. >> Yeah. And that's the same thing goes for me. It's like the fact that we had a journalism degree actually helped, because other than people that just want to get into it, it at least gives you a base of a skill set that you can work off and apply to technology, you know, stuff. So I would say you know, if you want to just be a journalist, and just go to school and you know, do it, it's fine. >> Yeah, I mean I wouldn't dissuade you from going to journalism school if you're into it. But I would say more importantly is to have enthusiasm for whatever you cover, and just start doing it. Start - >> Be part of it. >> Cause that's really what got me the job at ZDTV was that I was doing my own website. This was pre-blog era, but I had my own domain name, I had a staff of writers, and the person that was hiring was impressed by that. They're like oh you're really doing this, that's awesome. That's what we want. >> Yeah. >> So they want to see passion, they want to see enthusiasm, and that's a great way to get experience is just start a blog. It's so easy now, there're really no reason not to do it, and keep yourself on a schedule. Take it seriously, treat it like a job. >> Yeah. And just live it, eat it, breathe it, sleep it, and it just becomes a natural part of you. So it's easy to talk about. So hopefully we have inspired you. >> I got a laptop here. >> Oh really? >> For nine hundred dollars, not eight hundred. But the Toshiba satellite, you can get the Toshiba satellite configured with Intel core two duo, two gigahertz, 802.11 AGN, four gigabytes of RAM. >> 320 gigs hard drive. >> It's got, you know what? I don't know if it's got a web cam, which was the other thing. >> Oh it says here, integrated web cam. >> Integrated web cam, nice. So it does have, it does have everything on it, but it's a hundred dollars more than you wanted. I could not find one for under eight hundred. >> Wow that was good work. >> Yeah, I got some search skills. >> All right, so we're gonna take a little baby break. Keep on throwing us your questions. We're gonna be going till twelve, we might give you guys a few extra bonus minutes, cause everyone seems to write us in like the last five minutes. So we have a video here. We did a video about showing you how to free up some hard drive space using Vista. Some are common sense, but others you might not know about. So check it out, and we'll be back in a few minutes. [ background music ] >> Are you running Windows Vista and you're looking to free up some disk space. I'm Brian Tong from CNET.com, and in today's Insider Secret, I'll give you some tips to help you out. ^M00:18:35 [ music ] ^M00:18:44 First thing, we have to thank our CNET forums moderator John Wilkinson for hooking us up with great tips like these. Now Windows Vista can take up over five gigs for a clean installation, and upwards of ten gigs if it's been preinstalled by the manufacturer. That's a whole bunch. So how do you get more disk space? Well if you're upgrading from a previous version of Windows, or installing another copy, go to the local drive, which is usually the C drive, and look for the Windows.old folder. It contains previously installed programs, documents, and other goodies, so just copy what you need, and delete the rest. Now system restore can reserve up to 15% of your drive's capacity for saving restore points, and in XP there's a slider to adjust the space allocated, but in Vista you have to adjust it with the command line. So let's press the Windows key plus the letter R, and type in the CMD, and press enter. Now when the command prompt shows up, type in the following line, and you can type in a different shadow storage size, but it has to be a minimum of three hundred megs. Everyone has a lot of personal files that can take up gigs of space. I know this firsthand, since I edit a whole bunch of video. Now our own download.com has a free program called Tree Size, and with a few clicks it will break down what's taking up most of your storage space for you to get rid of. You can also limit the size of your recycle bin. We end up keeping files in there forever, and they can just add up. So all you have to do is right click it, select properties, and adjust the capacity. And yes, you can also empty your recycle bin. Now if you're looking for help, you can always check out forums at forums.cnet.com. [ background music ] I'm Brian Tong, and these are just a few ways to help you free up hard drive space in Windows Vista. Use them wisely. ^M00:20:25 Welcome back friends. Okay, so there was the video, I hope you learned something, I hope I didn't look like too much of a lame butt there. But did those tips help you out? >> Yeah, no, it's good stuff. >> Tom actually helped me put that thing together as well. >> Well it was the forums, right? >> Yeah, the forums. >> I didn't do anything, I just copied and pasted from the forums. >> Don't tell them how we really do our jobs. >> Yeah, it's Wilkinson that did all the work. And Je je je je je je M was a plant, weren't you? You actually, cause he sent a link in a question saying hey I found the laptop I'm looking for, coincidentally enough. It's a Sony Vaio, although it only has a two hundred, what was it two hundred gigabyte hard drive, and he had originally specified three twenty. >> Max, yeah. >> But seven hundred dollars. >> Okay. >> So it did get under eight hundred, so yeah, they're out there. >> Je je je Jim you thought you had us, but no, we took care of it. Okay, here we go. This question is from Don Tobar. Don Tobar asks hey guys, I have a silver iPod nano second gen, and I need to get a new case for it. What is one that is protecting but won't make it any bigger so that it fits easily in my pocket? Any ideas? Okay off the bat - >> Saran Wrap. >> Yes. >> Won't make it any bigger. >> Aluminum foil, it'll still be silver. >> But won't protect it at all. Yeah. >> But there's, to me just get the, yeah, they all do, but the real slim kind of clear cases are typically the best. They offer you a little bit of bump protection, not too much, but - >> The rubbery, are you talking about the rubbery ones? >> No, like the see through like hard plastics. >> Okay. >> So like you could, it might be something like this, but just a see through hard plastic. >> A little thinner than that. >> Yeah, and a lot thinner for the nanos. For me I don't like rubbery skin cases, cause they get stuck in your pocket. >> Yeah. >> And they get lint all over it. >> Yeah, and they get gummy. >> And then you start pulling them out, and you have these like, what do they call them, the rabbit ears coming out of your pockets - >> Yeah. >> - and stuff like that. Not cool, not cool. So - >> Elephant ear. >> I would point you in that direction. Okay. Here's another question from Shawn1190, and you could probably take this. Will there be a CNET iPhone app? >> I don't know. You said you - >> Oh, well, not that there's a - >> And then you threw it at me. >> Well I know one you could go to if - >> Yeah, I don't know, is there a CNET iPhone app? >> Well there's not necessarily a dedicated CNET iPhone app. But if you go to CNET.com on your iPhone, it pulls up the mobile version of - >> Oh right, right. >> - it's optimized. >> It's Safari. >> Yeah, yeah. It's - >> And I think CBS is working on like an uber app - >> Yeah, that's correct. >> - that'll have CNET TV involved in it, right? >> That's right. >> I've heard rumors about that. >> But you can get access to our news, our reviews, our podcasts, and as well as a variety and a bunch of CNET TV stuff directly from your iPhone. I've been able to stream, you know, whenever I'm missing Tom at home. >> So the old school type of app. >> Yeah, yeah, yeah. >> You're talking about, the Safari app - >> Yes. >> - not a downloadable app. >> Yes, the web based app. >> A web app. >> But not a dedicated, downloadable app. So if, basically no, no dedicated app yet. But we're working on that. But you still can look us up regularly. Okay, here we go. This question is from Jemans. Jemans what's up. Jammans. Brian, are you still playing the head to head match up with you and your [inaudible] that you mentioned on an earlier Crave? Who won? So I'm assuming this might be when Ariel was in the house and we were talking about World Com app versus DC, which is coming out next week, and I'm freaking excited about that game, Batman versus Sub Zero. I don't know if you care about that or not. It's okay if you're not. >> What's the game for? >> For PS3, X-Box, 360, fighting game. >> I do like Batman, I do like Batman. >> You can play as like Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman. >> I like that, I like that. >> The Joker, so you can for the first time in a fighting game. >> More like a Mortal Combat type? >> But in a Mortal Combat vain, yeah. They're the ones producing it - >> But those are okay. I'm not such a fan of the first person shooters, but the fight games I'm all right. >> Yeah, yeah, yeah. So this is exciting. We have not, we don't have the game in our hands yet, but I can guarantee you that we will do it. I don't know if it's worth making a video about, since we you know, for the time being we're no longer doing Crave. But you know, come back in about a week and I'll let you know. I can tell you that he's - >> Do it as a Prize Fight. >> That would be funny. >> Yeah. >> Mortal Combat versus DC. Okay. >> We could play it here. >> Yeah we could play, oh we could play it here - >> Editor's Officer Hours. >> Yeah, and just put it right - >> And take bets. >> That would be, that would be fun. Okay, here we go. This next question is from PatGamer. PatGamer asks us again, another question. I want to stream content off my PC onto my Wii, do you have any suggestions? >> Yes. I would use the, well we did a video on this. You can use the software Orb to stream your video off of your laptop, or even your television, and then send it to the Opera browser in Wii, so you'll have to buy the Opera browser. But that's an easy way. Cause then you can call up Orb in the Opera browser, and actually use it as a media center. I don't know that there's anything like T-versity which exists for the X-Box, and there's ways to do it on the PS3 as well to stream directly. But Orb using Opera is a nice little work around. >> There's also another thing here that I pulled up. This is from a company called Red Kawa, and it's a do it yourself. It's a little you know, kind of do it yourself hack, but they've actually created an application that lets you stream pictures, music, and videos from your Mac or PC straight to your Wii. So you guys might want to check that out. The company is Red Kawa, K A W A. Just look for like stream PC to Wii, do a little search on that, and that should point you in the right direction to try and check that out. Okay, next question. This is from Julian007, is the new PSP 3000 worth buying, or should you, should you just stay with the PSP slim. Me personally, well first of all the news is about the screen issues that the PSP 3000 was having. They're using a different type of LCD screen, and essentially the image quality has like these lines through it, it's just not as clear, as clean, and a lot more ghosting effects on it. I own a PSP slim, I was first kind of like oh cool, PSP 3000. It's not a huge upgrade, just a few incremental things. But the fact that the screen is not as good, and Sony has outright said this is a feature. They're not gonna fix it, nothing's gonna change or be improved, when everyone has basically said yeah, this screen doesn't look as good. If you've got a PSP slim, I would stick with it. The form factors are exactly the same, other than having what is it, is it a built in mic on the new PSP3000 for doing calls directly. I would stick with the PSP slim. >> Yeah, I agree. I want to take this question from - >> Let's go. >> - WinstonLang6758. >> Okay. >> He says what do you think about the ethics method of installing Mac OS ten on a PC legally. I'm not certain that Mac, I'm sorry that Apple is going to consider this legal, but it's pretty interesting. It's a dongle that you attach, USB, to your PC, and it does all of the patching and tweaking, and allowing you to just take the CD-ROM and install OS ten onto the PC. They say that they think that it's legal, they say they've been testing it and it works fine. There's shots of people doing it. >> Wow. >> I think it's a pretty effective way if it works. I haven't tried it myself, but people say it works. So if it works I think that's an excellent way of doing it, cause it's a lot easier than having to do all the patching yourself. But I still don't know that it's actually not violating the terms of service or the DMCA, which is the issue with the way you have to do the OSX 86 route. >> Okay, that's kind of, so the USB dongle I guess, whatever the info or data on it kind of fills the holes to help, to allow you to run - >> Yeah, cause well you, cause the way OS ten tests the processor to see if it's legit, and so you have to patch OS ten to get around that, for it to run directly on the Intel processor. And so this dongle handles that for you apparently. >> Interesting. Okay, cool. This question is from NeverForgetJeff. Brian, will we ever see CNET personalities in a Prize Fight. I would love to see a Prize Fight of best video reviewer, Dan Ackerman versus Boomcha, Bonnie, I don't know, if you can give me five categories that are worthwhile - >> Like Celebrity Death Match. >> Yeah, exactly. [inaudible] CNET Death Match. If you can give me five categories, maybe we'll look into it. I've always wanted to - >> Looks, voice, accuracy. >> Presentation, accuracy. >> Yeah. >> And sexiness. That's looks I guess right? >> Yeah. >> Features. >> Features. Yeah, just you know, just do the regular categories. >> We could totally do that, we could totally do that. Okay, here we go. >> You want me to take one? >> Yeah, take one. >> I like this one from JayStarYuck. >> All right. >> What are some set top boxes that let me stream movies and TV shows from the internet? >> Yes, there are lots. You've got the Voodoo box, right? >> Yeah, I have the Voodoo box. >> Which is kind of a self contained universe, you can only stream the movies and TV shows that they allow you to buy. >> Mm-hmm. >> You can buy like a cheap PC, a little desktop PC, and plug it into your TV and stream em using the browser. >> Mm-hmm. >> Apple TV will, if you mod it with Boxy - >> Yeah. >> - or XBMC, XBMC's freely available, Boxy's a private beta. But that allows you to stream video - >> Tons of stuff. >> - straight off. >> Hoolu. Tommy Central - >> Yeah, yeah, Hoolu as well as Viacom and some other stuff. What else. Streaming. Well you know, I mean you could do what we were talking about earlier with the Wii to do some streaming of online content with like through Opera. You can do T-versity, you can use Sling Catcher to take what's on your screen and put it up on your television. Frame rates are okay, it's a little, it still needs a little tweaking. But it's all right. Yeah, there's a ton of options out there. >> There's a ton of new options. Depends on which world you basically live in too. >> Yeah. >> So okay, cool. Excellent. This question, let's see here. >> Oh I forgot the Roku and Netflix player for Netflix. >> Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. >> Just streaming TV shows and videos that way too. >> Okay, without a doubt. Here we go. >> Google ought to come out with a box. >> Yeah, they should, they should. Question is from Shawn1190, what are some good games for X-Box 360 out or coming soon? Okay really quickly. Do you have a X-Box 360? >> Yes. >> You do. Do you have any games right now that you really like, or you're not really playing with it that much at the moment? >> Well you know, as far as new stuff, no. I mean we play Guitar Hero and I love Portal. >> Yeah, yeah, yeah. >> Those are probably my two favorite X-Box 360 games. >> I would say classics. If you haven't checked it out already, Bio Shock. You got to do that one. >> Bio Shock, yeah, that was another good one. >> X-Box 360, just incredible game. There's tons of new ones. Fall Out Three, rave reviews. Dead Space, Gears of War Two, those are probably the main shooters that are coming out. If you like sports games, I mean there's kind of the standard with sports. Madden, Madden is pretty hot this year, it's the first year that I actually decided to get back in the Madden thing cause I wasn't really feeling it. I love NBA 2K9 series, destroys the EA Sports Live 09 Series. And then if you're into fighters, well some exciting stuff, obviously Mortal Combat versus DC if you like that, Street Fighter four is coming out in February, it's totally revamped graphics, but it still kind of has the same old school 2D fighting, as well as another thing that's really exciting. If you were a fan of Super Street Fighter Turbo, that had like DJ Kammy and [inaudible], they're doing a remixed version with HD graphics that are gonna be available just to download from the X-Box Live store. So it looks super clean, I've seen it in person, and it's just, it's like Street Fighter refreshed, and very sexy. My producer and Tom's pointed out Mirror's Edge, which is a game that's like a first person's perspective, running around like a world, but it's just really cool to look at, right? It's fun, it's really fun. >> Hardcore simulator. >> Yeah. So we're just throwing all types of games off the top of our heads, but there's plenty for the holiday season, that's for sure. So yeah. Okay, I haven't even read this question, but let's just take it cold. This question is from HnyGirl412, or Honey, sorry. My mind's in a different spot. >> Yeah, it's HNY. [ laughter ] >> Okay. >> She says, we can only assume it's a she, I want to get an Asus E1000H, should I wait for Christmas time to get one, or are prices going down on Black Friday. Well yeah, prices always go down on stuff on Black Friday, and you can never quite predict exactly what they're gonna go down on. But they don't always stay down. You know? I mean it's usually those kind of like first fifteen people into the store get the Asus EP for two dollars, and then everyone else is you know, out of luck. So you know, if you want to fight for it you might be able to get a deal, even online on that day. But I would probably wait for Black Friday, see what happens, and then get it afterwards. >> Yeah, definitely. You got, I mean you're so close to it, don't you know, just wait. >> I don't know, that's my guess. >> Okay, she clarified, HoneyGirl, I'm sorry. She. And if it is - >> I think you're just digging your grave dude. >> All right, it's all good HineyGirl. Okay, do you want to take one more question? >> All right, are we almost done? >> Yeah, we're pretty much, we're going over a little, but we're gonna wrap it up. Tom as my guest, I will give him the honor to take the last question, and we'll just go with it. >> I want to take the one where she says HoneyGirl! >> Exclamation, exclamation. >> Okay, let's, well no we already took one from TooManyTurtles. I was not prepared, do you have one - >> There was a question, there was a question, oh this one's from Mac-WinUser. Hey guys, I have a Dell XPS420 with a RAID0 setup, two 320 gig hard drives. I want to create a partition, but do not know if RAID0 will allow it, seeing as both drives are seen as one. >> Should ask Cooley this, I think you can do a partition. Yeah, hold on, hold on. I want to double check, cause I want to give you, I don't want to give you wrong information. >> Yeah, I'm not sure off the top of my head either. >> Yeah, cause I don't - >> Cooley's a RAID guy. >> Where's Cooley. Geez. >> You would, you know, logically you would say oh yeah if it sees that one you should be able to, but because it's a RAID setup, maybe people in the chat, are they spitting out yes, no. Do they have, no one? Everyone's cold here? Okay, we're gonna, okay. That's all right. >> Yeah, I think you can do it. I'm not finding the confirmation on how to do it. A lot of people are like why would you do that? If you had, it's like you want the redundancy for the extra partitions. >> Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. >> You first partition the remaining space using the extended partition option. After that it has been done, then you format it to NTFS. That's what one person says here. So - >> Okay. >> Tom's hardware forum has a lot of people discussing it. A lot of people are saying like why would you do that? If you have two drives for RAID, then why would you want to partition them. So there's some questions on why, but I think it's possible. >> Okay, excellent. So Tom we killed through a bunch of questions, huh? >> We sure did. >> Did you have fun, or no? >> Yeah, it was a good time. >> Sure it was. Okay guys, remember come back tomorrow, eleven thirty a.m. west coast time, two thirty p.m. east coast time. Eric Franklin, our monitor guy will be here in the house. I'm not sure if we're gonna be talking monitors this time, or he might be talking World of Warcraft, cause he is getting juiced about that. >> He's level seventy. >> Yeah. >> That guy's way up. >> I think he said he's like at sixty eight or something. >> Actually he's sixty - >> Something ridiculous like that. >> He's hot. >> Okay, all right guys. Thanks for coming out, and we'll see you guys tomorrow. >> Later. ^M00:35:30 [ music ]

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