The Buzz Report: 'Star Trek' special
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The Buzz Report: 'Star Trek' special

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Molly Wood gets inside Industrial Light and Magic to get a sneak peek at the new "Star Trek" movie, and more importantly, a look at Han Solo encased in carbonite. Yeah. They've got some amazing stuff there.

Hi, I'm Molly Wood, and welcome to the Buzz Report � the show about the tech news that everybody�s talking about. This week, it�s Star Trek, Windows 7, and the Kindle. Speaking of which, let�s get to the Gadget of the Week. The Gadget of the Week is the Amazon Kindle DX. It�s the new, much larger version of the Kindle 2, aimed at college students and newspaper readers. Not much different from the standard Kindle, aside from the colossal size, more storage capacity, PDF viewing, and the ability to switch from landscape to portrait mode by rotating it. OH. And did I forget the headline? It costs 489 dollars. I guess they figured once you drop in the word �textbook� you can charge whatever you want. But so � ok. Now there are TWO Kindles, and one�s for newspapers and textbooks and one�s for just regular books? So, like, I�ve got my old Kindle 2 for books, but apparently it�s no good for textbooks or newspaper subscriptions, so I need the new giant Kindle. But neither of those can really surf the Web or anything, so I need a Netbook, too, so I can like, surf and do email. But this can�t make phone calls, so I need my iPhone, which can surf and do email and read books but the screen�s not big enough to do those things all the time. I guess. And anyway, I can�t watch DVDs on any of those or like, use Photoshop or play games, and they don�t have enough storage, so I need this bigger laptop right here, and maybe a desktop if I REALLY need horsepower ... and now I need a way bigger house. And a back brace. Too much, Amazon. Too much. And now for the news. The Windows 7 Release Candidate hit the tubes on Tuesday, with pretty cool new support for streaming media between two Windows 7 enabled computers and some other nifty features. BUT, like most Windows news, it came with a pretty big buzzkill: the XP Mode that�s supposed to make it easier to use older software with Windows 7 � won�t work on a LOT of Intel laptops. Yeah. I mean, it�s probably not a big deal for most people, since there aren�t too many XP-specific apps? But � you know. C�mon, Microsoft. Have a good day, will ya? Ok, in other geek pop news of the week, there�s a certain movie opening that�s got everyone abuzz � and it sent me on a pretty nifty little field trip. Beyond the characterizations, the emotional connections between the characters, you will see something else that I think you have never seen before, in a Star Trek movie, which is visual effects at a quality that it deserves. (music) You have one shot to land on that platform� Oh, ok, I don�t want to do a big Star Trek ad. I mean, whatever, I want to see it. But dudes. You should SEE Industrial Light and Magic! Check it OUT! (music) Also, I wonder if those ILM people feel like Star Traitors. You know they�re owned by LucasFilm, right? Awkward. And finally, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped CNET TV win a People�s Voice award in this year�s Webbys! I know we nagged you a lot to vote � and you did! You�re awesome! It means a lot to me, personally, and everyone else here at CNET TV. Thank you. I just hope they let me go to the party. And that�s the Buzz Report for this week, everyone. I�m Molly Wood, and thanks for watching.

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