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First Look: Stand more and sit less with the UpDesk PowerUps
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First Look: Stand more and sit less with the UpDesk PowerUps

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Starting at $899 the PowerUps Series II by UpDesk is motorized and features an adjustable, programmable height for sitting or standing.

I guess front -- for CNET and here in my office to look at the power ups -- SQ -- up desk. And what this is essentially standing desk that is motorized and you can adjust the height from sitting to standing. And it'll supposedly help you stand more often in the workplace and hopefully that so you -- but for health. Better for you -- -- well being and all that kind of good stuff so the power -- series to cost 899 dollars now that seems like a lot but compared to other. Devices out there and other tests like this that are motorized. They can run for a lot more money so what do you get with power series to essentially it is motorized and hasn't just full height from. 25 point five inches to fifty point five inches it also has a control panel with a digital read out. And what's really nice is you have memory for three positions. You can -- adjust the height and have it saved -- for standing or sitting maybe even a coffee bar settings. Four -- join in expresso in the afternoon. You also have about 300 pounds of lifting capacity so you've -- -- put all your monitors and keyboards and other office equipment lamps. On the desk and not have. Much problem there. It also comes in. Multiple finishes. Like the maple finish received here. And also mahogany black and orange. Right now we're looking at -- small version of the power up but it also comes in medium and large size that's. Also nice is that there's a fuel management channel underneath that you can push wires through and keep everything tight underneath. I'm Brian Bennett for CNET and we've just taken a first look at these power ups series you -- up does.

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