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Smart Home: Spotlight on the GE Energy Smart LED

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Smart Home: Spotlight on the GE Energy Smart LED

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This low-cost LED option wants to compete with the likes of Philips and Cree. How does it measure up?

[MUSIC] Hey I'm C|net's Ry Crist, and this is the GE energy smart, 60 watt replacement LED. Now the prices of these kinds of bulbs has fallen pretty steadily over the last few years. Right now you can get a 60 watt replacement LED from Cree, or Philips or GE here for about ten dollars. You can find this one at Wal-Mart, Target, Sam's Club. It's a very easy bulb to find, but how does it do in home lighting. Well, it does very well. Uses 11 watts to put out 800 lumens and that's nice and efficient at 72 or 73 lumens per watt, but not as good as Creed or Philips which both boast better efficiency scores. However, the GE bulb makes up some ground when your comparing if you look at its color rendering capabilities, this bulb has a color rendering score of 80 out of 100 and that's the same thing you get from Creede or Phillips but their scores don't tell the whole story, they're an average of every color it's trying to render and so you can have one 80 be better than another 80 and in GE's case its a pretty good 80. Take a look at this bowl of M&Ms, lots of nice colors, that white bowl, the natural wood tone. We got it lit by the Cree 60W LED right now, and now watch what happens when we fade to the GE 60W. Those colors pop a little more. The white doesn't look quite so yellow. The wood looks a little more natural. It's just a very slight, subtle uptake in color quality. Now if that's the type of thing that matters to you if you have artwork in your home or you have a really specific color scheme, you might like that about this bulb, and that might make it worth the fact that it's not quite as efficient and doesn't have as long a warranty as that Cree LED. So all in all, not my favorite 60 watt replacement LED, but still one that merits consideration. For c|net, I'm Rye Crisp. [MUSIC]

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