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Prizefight: Speed Test: Apple iPhone 3G S vs. Palm Pre

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Prizefight: Speed Test: Apple iPhone 3G S vs. Palm Pre

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Watch these two smartphone heavyweights go head-to-head in a special Prizefight Speed Test. Plus, Brian throws in an aging contender, the original iPhone 3G, for good measure.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:06 >> What's up Prizefight fans, welcome to a special edition from CNET Asia. I know that. >> Man! >> No, it's not funny. That's not funny the third time around, is it? >> Okay. >> Okay, so guys, what we're here for is a speed test. We're going to be actually be facing-off some of the hottest phones that you guys are drooling about. We have the Palm Pre over here with Ms. Bonnie Cha. We also have the iPhone 3G S with Ms. Nicole Lee for speed. I have the original iPhone 3G and we're going to see which of these phones perform better in 3 tests, so we know. This is not going to be entirely scientific. It's going to be a real world test from where we are, but we are going to do a few things. Test the start-up speed, test the web browsing speed and also a real-world task, so -- I said let's just jump in alright? >> Sure. >> Yeah. >> Okay, alright. So, the first one is going to be powering-up. We'll do it on go. Are you ladies ready? >> I'm ready. >> Yeah. >> Okay here we go. Alright on three, two, one, go. ^M00:00:58 [ Music ] ^M00:01:01 >> Palm, Apple, Apple. So, let's see -- who you guys think that's going to take this? Nicole, what do you think? You got the 3G S. >> Yeah. >> You should be faster than mine, right? >> Yeah. I think I let go at this -- oh, what's going on? I think it's starting up. >> Winner! >> Winner, winner, chicken dinner. >> 3G S is the winner. >> Yeah, great. >> Okay, here we go, Palm, just taking its merry time. >> It's so slow. >> With the iPhone -- look your screen already went back to sleep there, it was so fast. That's sad. Okay, here we go. That's actually very fast. >> I know. >> It's on. It's open. >> Oh, baby -- wait, is my screen coming on or what? >> It has died? >> No, it didn't die. It's going to come up. It's thinking. I swear. >> It has a nice little halo going. >> I swear it's thinking. Is my phone alive -- there we go, there we go. Okay, cool, mine is up. >> Cool. >> Wow, Palm Pre. >> It's worth the wait. >> Welcome to the party. I had no idea how ethically bad that is. Here -- wait, I need an emergency, I need to call my Mom. Let me turn on my phone -- you're dead. >> There it is. >> Okay, there you go. >> It is done, finally on Pre. >> We have the results on the bottom, but clearly the iPhone 3G S -- this, but even the iPhone 3G seemed about almost more than twice as fast as the Pre starting up. I wouldn't even say the time. >> The 3G was faster than the Pre it seems so. >> Okay. >> Whatever. >> Loser. Loser, semi-loser, winner. >> Winner. >> Okay, so the next one we are going to do is everyone likes to web browse obviously. >> Yeah. >> We are in a spot in San Francisco, we have different carriers involved. We have Sprint over here, AT&T over here. The main thing though is that AT&T is yet to upgrade. >> Right. >> Their 3G network to the 7.2-megabit. So, at the moment, these are probably around the same, but there's still might be some speed difference. Okay, so let's go to our browsers. So, everyone's got their fingers in the right spots? >> Yes. >> Okay, here we go. On go, three, two, one, go. ^M00:02:57 [ Music ] ^M00:02:58 >> Alright. Now, mine has switched over to Edge, but looks like Nicole and Bonnie both have 3G going. >> Yeah. >> Graphics. We got graphics. >> We got graphics, okay. >> It's loading. >> Palm Pre has won. >> Palm Pre is not won, is it done? Are you scrolling? Are you, can you, is it done? >> Oh, there you go. >> Yeah, you're done. >> My 3G S is still a little bit going a little bit, but definitely it's going a little faster than your phone. >> Mine is only Edge, but... >> Yours is on Edge, but... >> Either way, okay, so looks like everyone is done now here. >> Yes. >> Yeah. >> But the Palm Pre clearly like right out of the gates. It looked like nothing was happening, but then it pops up and it was probably about even like twice as fast as the iPhone 3G S. I always use this as an example. >> Yeah. >> Again, this is real world. We are in San Francisco. Obviously, your conditions might be different, but we would definitely have to give this one to the Pre. >> To me. >> Yeah. >> Winner, winner, over here. So now, for our third test, we are going to do like a real world example of using you know features and the actual data connections. So, we are going to take a picture and then send it to a contact. I'm taking this guys out of the equation because she has 3G right now and I have Edge and that's -- it's kind of some of the spottiness of this thing. I know I'm out, but I still get to talk. Okay, on three, two, one, go. And if you guys need you know someone or you know something to take a picture of, you can take it this way or not. Oh, that's a beautiful shot of the light. >> I love the light. >> Alright, so the pictures have been taken. >> Yup. >> You guys are starting to jump in your mail apps. >> Yes. >> Opening, okay. >> Okay, I'm checking it out. >> Share me an email. >> Mine is sending. >> Okay. Alright, now Nicole has her phone with the picture getting ready to send and Bonnie is typing away. Let's see how we go here. >> It's sending, still sending. >> Okay, I'm going to wait. >> Sending... >> I'm going to wait for this. We are going to see who comes out on top of this one. Okay. >> I think I'm done. >> That's done. Yours is done, yours is done. >> Mine is on 3G apparently, but it's still going. >> It's still going, it's still going. >> It's still going. >> You know with those high quality pictures, they are both... >> Messing around. >> Okay, there we go. >> Mine is done. >> The iPhone just sent the picture away, so -- hey, the Palm Pre did this thing. It's won again. >> Yeah. >> About a couple of seconds faster, yeah. >> Yeah, so overall let's check out the verdict. We have the first round, the start-up test. The Apple 3G S killed it there and then we had our little web browsing test and clearly the Sprint came out on top of the Palm Pre. >> Yes. >> And then in a real world take a picture of a really great looking person and then emailing it -- you took a picture of the light and emailing it, the Palm Pre again came out on top. So, what do you think about that? >> It's two out of three. I think the Pre won. >> You got the math. Two out of three is right. The results we kind of -- >> Exactly. >> Alright, so basically the Palm Pre is our winner here in the Prizefight speed test. You ladies know what you have to do when you come here, right? >> Yeah. >> Okay, I just want to make sure. Thanks for watching and come back next time for another Prizefight. >> Whopa! ^M00:06:06 [ Music ]

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