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CNET Update: SpaceX launches new era in space travel
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CNET Update: SpaceX launches new era in space travel

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Facebook marks its first day on the Nasdaq, SpaceX gets ready for a historic launch of the Falcon 9, and Nike's new sneakers are worthy of a moonwalk.

Today, we have lift off. It's a new ear for social media for space exploration and for shoes. I'm Bridget Carey and this is your CNET Update. Despite all the hype, Facebook stock ended it's 1st publicly-traded day right where it began. At $38 a share. CEO Mark Zuckerberg rang in the Nasdaq opening bell virtually from the Silicon Valley Campus and later shares began trading at around $42. It was actually a half-hour late to trade because of a glitch at the Nasdaq exchange. It didn't take long for the stock to drop back down to $38 by the time the market closed. It's the largest initial public offering by an internet company and Facebook raised $16 billion dollars from it. That's almost 10 times what Google raised when it went public in 2004. You probably won't see an IPO like this again. And right after shares went public, Facebook was hit with a class action law suit that claims Facebook invaded privacy for tracking users after they logged out. The lawsuit combines 21 cases across the US and it's asking for $15 billion dollars in damages or about $10,000 per Facebook user. A Facebook spokesman told Bloomberg quote the lawsuit is without merit and we will fight it vigorously. Samsung's Galaxy S III reportedly already has more than 9 million pre-orders according to a Korean newspaper. The Galaxy S III debuts at the end of May in Germany and eventually will go on sale in the US sometime this summer. ComCast is ditching it's data cap max of 250 gigs a month and now, it's adding a new pricing structure. Once users go past 300 gigs of data, it will charge customers $10 for every extra 50 gigs used a month. On Saturday, the world enters a new era in space exploration. Space Ex will make history as the first commercial company to send a space craft to the international space station but aside from NASA at Cape Canaveral, it will launch the Falcon 9 rocket which will be carrying supplies to the space station. It's an unmanned mission and will last 21 days. A live stream of the launch event begins at 4 AM Eastern. And there's no better way to ring in the moment than by dressing like an astronaut. Nike has launched Nike Craft, a sports streamline of items made from bizarre materials to help you survive a mission in space such as the Mars Yard shoe. It's a sneaker made from the same material used in the airbags of the Mars Rover. It's inspired but the artist Tom Sachs and his installation in New York called Space Program Mars. That's your tech news update for today. For more on the stories in today's show, visit For our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey.
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