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Rumor Has It: Souvenirs from CES 2013

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Rumor Has It: Souvenirs from CES 2013

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We round up the highlights, the lowlights, and everything in between from our journey around the show floor at the biggest tech conference of the year. Oh, and yes, we did get lost a couple times (obviously).

It's Friday January 11 2000 at thirteen and we are coming I have from CES -- the last day -- -- Levy I am Emily Dreyfuss and we have been here all week. Mainly in the parking lot at CES kind of Reading all about the gadgets that are in these huge -- behind the rate literally in a parking. Certainly -- -- and -- you today. About our highlights of the show are low light of the show what is. Seared into our memory forever and we wish we could pay tons of money to forget -- and the like according to nearly two mile. -- we try to keep it to five because five is you know nice round numbers yeah we like five -- it. I -- somethings came up to ten and some at and things -- of new gadgets at the show and thousands of crazy things that happened. But before we get to see -- I really wanna talk about the one thing that was not here but that happened while we were here and that is this huge iPhone -- Out which is insane that life happened outside of here -- do you see as the enormous -- -- like tech -- summer -- breaker technology reporters. And gadget you know writer's. -- -- eyes and the mapping -- world. And then what actually happening is here cute so what it was the Wall Street Journal came -- this report saying that its dairy. Likely that a cheaper iPhone -- cheaper smaller iPhone that's gonna come out this year to have been thirteen break and -- a cheaper it. Smaller iPhone -- 99 dollars -- -- and that would be for emerging markets or just also people who don't wanna pay a massive. -- -- for I found it to everybody great but then that story got Alex flipped on its head three different -- I'll let you explain why why I also. Out while we -- here in Vegas Phil Schiller an Apple took a trip to China that he didn't tell anyone about until he was angina and patent. Then in China was quoted as commenting on this as saying absolutely not that is not gonna -- Chinese news source said Phil Schiller said. There is no way that there's an amount of market share that would be -- hurt us making. Basically a crappy rock rock where did the rumors originally come from that they work at -- -- at cheaper crappy digital. So I'm not sent their anonymous random ball went from that supply chain saint supply chain and a teacher who we have to remember reports that there's gonna be cheaper iPhone. Every single again they've been reporting the cheaper iPhone -- for her or 66 your iPhone came -- and in -- actually this week with -- six year anniversary of the iPhone presenters. Went on I think he went there every single day is the same -- -- I don't agree to it which is it's another way actually that Apple has in the past -- the ads because the original iPhone came out at CES but not at CEO of Apple doesn't happen like. Away from CS but it was still the only thing -- talked about SE and this year but I'm not as cheaper iPhone -- and Phil Schiller was. Apparently quoted as saying now obviously not we would never do that which -- and it wouldn't do that. -- isn't it wouldn't do that would iPad many and then how we haven't iPad and else's at that they -- do tons of things that act on my. It's crazy thing that happened is that and this morning we woke up. Back at Reuters trusted news source Reuters came out and rescinded their story that they quoted -- -- They had report that they'll Schiller had said this that he they would never do this that I Apple's not working on -- -- -- -- And then Reuters that there were so many problems with that story that -- spending which means. Maybe he didn't say that which means EV there -- a cheaper iPhone support this site on my mind explode and what the problems are desperately to their Google translate network I mean we literally tried -- -- Google -- that. I did. It. I -- -- translated mile -- yet -- EL EOs at odds aren't earth like it like a snake eating its own head on him and a lot happened at my computer that and the F exploited an act and that every but he lucked out eyes happy if I could go home to pick app and let's not use. Continued to sell many apps. And I don't know if that's the biggest being -- that's real life thing that they get in real life and they'll. -- I can't I am a I don't I don't have a I am like a patent averse to -- rumor has it that's not app and how I didn't. Yeah collects the idea is what happens in Vegas is that all of us -- -- -- -- run around and it's super -- were in the desert. And I always think about here is I want water I want to be immersed in water now and that's why one of the coolest products I think he now this year. -- -- Is this Sony is the -- can be done -- -- in water water because then I -- -- about that and text with green about that about the cheaper iPhone all the water records out that the of the effect that I out is legal okay. Basically just to -- -- about the iPhone rumor nobody knows that the -- Say it won't because here's the thing you need to remember about it cheaper. Cheaper -- already exists you can already get 99 dollar iPhone and call the iPhone. Rate. It's also called. When you in you know sell your phone and a dollar and I 949. Dollar iPhone and that is -- -- I. At Wal-Mart. -- of -- -- -- -- apples doing their kindness you'd think that they are going to just let Wal-Mart and all that you know companies take a hit in terms and I absolutely no sense for Apple in the manufacture -- -- small product. When they can actually off load the burden -- -- Carriers and stores. Who will actually subsidize the cost port at Wal-Mart is already making -- cheaper iPhone. Right or Apple however remember -- tall drink of water gene Munster a -- plight of analysts that he. Do this site are Jaffray Apple analyst -- months as he is -- on board with this 99 dollars to keep thinks it's gonna create billions of dollars and like -- The -- -- but we -- gene Munster before in the past but he was right about Apple's not going above 600 dollars. Not everything he secretly worked there that's why when you look deeply into his eyes got -- -- trust. -- deeply into it I just tell us anything like okay. Pick out what everything -- area. Sun is now are so what are we don't know I talk about this stuff happen that we -- at CES this year. So. First I think we should start with the five things we would die if we -- all of the money in the world from this from the show right. After I -- it I would buy it. I and I and I -- I -- -- -- -- and that Virgin Islands. Neck and your own mind and I'd buy it out of but I see -- -- -- app. I want rising tablet again -- -- the rise in tablet and a picture of this tablet because it is so cool it's huge. And then the coolest thing about it. Is that 27 inch tablet. And computer you can just -- up -- -- desktop and use it in its touch you can have a keyboard and light body block. But -- here is -- Larry gets really cool has all these accessories. That connect to it that you can happily family game night around your 27 inch. Table or you -- I can have it and it on the table and we could writers script in actively because Lenovo has an -- phase. Where you can use it I can use the same time -- optimize -- multi user computing but let's go back to what's actually important about the hits pitches the joystick be used that you. -- onto it and then you can play games. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And its -- Wi-Fi when you rolled the dice. It knows what number you're world. His wife that is -- that's sort of goes like futuristic things and I'm just like you know they did it. I think that's not something thanks -- Even on and it actually gets my vote for the best of CES show because I think that what it is innovative because it's not only thing that you can just use the computer but that's -- -- -- it also has it points to this. Future different way of using active. If you think about like you I would go -- -- dinner. And then we're both iPhone and it's so roots and like we're ignoring each other and imagine like -- typical American and we now and Sunday dinners and the teenagers are sitting there texting and data is checking Linkedin and eat pray that the -- But we didn't have a nice. Idea but we have a tablet it could kind of hate that -- all out to be connected on screen all at once and Alice also -- together. I wondered though if the whole point I'm sitting at the table -- -- like texting I'm not gonna be texting you. Average I think this is bringing us together that we don't have to his -- also do different things requires that I just think it points to -- -- use -- maybe this is not perfect that I nine dollars I'd buy this -- well and you know what's cool about it is that it doesn't come in this. You know table that they built specifically for it as an Hadley at -- that news and and it's like actual coffee table -- an open. I would buy fat and the coffee table if you want your gadgets will get that if you want your gadgets to be that your partner I -- -- -- that becomes. Super HDO led -- TV -- in this page like the best TV became not your idea to I have I have a picture that let it show really quick. The picture of that I -- -- CM 85 -- nine ultra HD look at it. It's been it and you can't stand actually we took pictures next and now I'm really about it -- -- -- -- talk about it because that's scanned that is around that you need it looks like he'd like a bird -- Or an easel -- scaffold and so that is until he -- like keeping jobs on the sites you can tilt it. Actual speakers are on the heat of the things if you can disassemble it from the I am heavily calling indicate and I call it beautiful art stuff -- that you can. -- disassemble it from its beautiful art. And hanging on the wall and you'd like its own and you'd have to buy inexpensive sound as though because -- -- -- speakers but now. I think it's in battle on things you would buy you -- -- in the world if this is on us in front of that thing. Did bring our. To Apple saying -- not I hate that -- -- -- that it is the lab rat and how does not implement the look of the earth. That he asked not down looks like a bear but of media -- I wish if you're on -- announcement about how it about it I took a class on monkeys on that I really don't understand -- he's not -- -- -- -- icon in town that is. Anyway we we lot I love. Is unimpressed with this thing. The other thing we -- -- -- -- that current TV the Samsung curved TV yes I have an accountant and beautiful. Look at. -- -- -- As I sit here like -- that -- you can't really see it what I thought was really cool about this is that it -- even really stand because the curve of -- and pulling itself up which is kind of really. And has really get it outside viewing angle which is which is pretty amazing I don't know why you would -- -- house. It sitting directly like this makes a difference because if you're watching TV year aside I'm really part about it we thought it and -- kept. Not being able to take my eyes off and it and it really -- give me something about that. The wrapping round heat that it was really like -- -- -- -- If I want me to meet you when you don't beacon isn't your eye now you know what I noticed when I was -- on the floor and seeing all these -- TVs Sparky TVs like part of it is actual screen was gorgeous. And wonderful and part of it was that in -- -- that they -- -- on these things like. I'm real like. Engines in the past including TV technologies. K is not a big deal unless you add ons that can take control of it in and optimize and use it -- when. These people when Samsung Panasonic LG are showing off their -- yes they have needs -- -- of images that make it look as crisp as possible and we go out and an 111000 dollars on television and don't -- slot jackpot that you got and like below -- and it can't have it act -- the it isn't safe and -- model which I don't need to. Our planet -- thought I am yeah and then sell I don't know I don't know -- the point buying the arcade our justice let's talk about how you want my RAZR had certainly answer edge is the tablet that -- -- The best -- the assets he adds that ancillary excellent app hears them. -- -- People's voice ever -- you you guys absolutely said that it was your favorite thing people and chat rooms and in the content of our hands on are just going crazy but it because not even a full fledged tablet. And it works great but it also has been actual physical controllers has as a yellow completed in that you use it like a -- -- -- gaming console. You can it also come. Comes with the dock it also comes with a you know -- you -- plug in regular controllers. It comes with another -- that you can -- his computer like it's the most personal thing I've ever seen I love for the gaming I think that you know it's awesome. I love to where I mean that you -- and respect the tiny -- I just don't. -- -- -- you -- everyone -- me and I wanna buy this for like they got it got the best CES award it got than. You know people's voice award it -- I think -- -- -- a prototype of it last year to England and then the guys. At. Last year said this thing is happy it's not ready. But we love -- it's going and then if -- when he -- the kinks have been worked out and it's just it's ready. And tell me it's great how much you think this can cost I have no idea but I know that you're gonna buy I -- I got -- as my -- obsessive. Gambling at. They're yeah and you have one in Vegas you can afford it but -- you let's take a break for a couple minutes and I'm. Which you'll come back to more of the things that we sought this year on the show floor. -- -- It was a hundred and a -- -- -- Back we've had it live at CES 2013 on the -- -- -- -- I am only bright and green means in SP 2013 and -- I mean I can't believe that actually teaches at the wrong. It also do you realize that we spent its entire years of -- All of the -- -- -- that it it acts as it actually feels like and this is what happens in Vegas is Vegas like this need right here and I can't -- -- is reporting. That. That's I. U verse spammers off load and get off the fat cats curry. All of the low. Hanging past six days of wandering around and he -- of this. Appears bleak news about the Michigan house which means crazy fees aren't up to know -- you're not yet it is. But it would pick the best part of -- parts of it. Yet so -- all the -- a bigger part of okay. Down. And -- -- -- for me was when I only act to the north hall. And when I got. I wanted to -- a little gadget I actually afford to that I actually buy and in my pocket and that it would degrade leaving -- And instead I was just inundated with -- any of would seem like. I've found it did. Use but then the problem -- that is that your phone is on the brink of falling out every time I see you on your phone without its case it makes me like -- -- These visits we are crap and I am and I'm not thinking if it's a beautiful even technology that should not be hidden behind them -- good to see -- there recently go iPhone he's that you -- -- I have. I app outlets meet. Stick it -- and they look like -- let a few but. I don't. Think that's right you're right my iPod is going to break and is now. Here is my low point. This now was -- -- everything nice I was like. Now if that is because I'm so cheated because they do this every day if that's because the technology like -- The year not impressed here I saw -- -- camera. And that is -- -- -- At the site. That's about but it -- -- -- camera. The lake heated seat kind of behind -- -- light video that was actually it was recording clock. -- Didn't edit the could be on the screen -- that -- video and then there's the clock in the all the match donations obviously. This was not just think -- -- Our eyes are bad bad that I like I think I am a and I -- -- -- is it just my topic and we get it and the I think. -- technology that was. It's it's disappointing -- I was a little late for me. Let me let me go to next you please take it away. You want to talk about is the -- -- -- -- gambling. Well. -- I might look -- on the best ES awards. Texting me while reading it I don't like to comment but I -- -- I don't. Mean that street is not. I find it did it arrogantly. And I honestly call it -- Gary I don't know what a and I don't carry on -- our own way are. So low light I -- get to the actual I think. Like not all is well it over me which was the Qualcomm keynote. -- so it's up or how I wish picture -- down so there's nothing -- year and it's actually for the better. You don't want to see you -- it would be more. -- -- -- -- -- -- And so who can reason on this hit -- his belt light. We were that it's a middle school production of Blake. Port talking to middle school student -- lately is on an old age had decided to bring in a middle school feeder -- -- -- that that they could show the old people what youth one. Right I just because these teens. I can actually in their late -- perhaps that's an -- -- is part. Any person needed youth in America and I will admit that I am about to be. Thirty years old people so I -- not anymore than you ever got I am eating before you out of -- -- here. Perhaps I'm just bitter but these people worked out trying to tell us what you was and what you plug -- -- estimated at. I -- that guy in the BDP. Every good buzz word you're horrified and -- -- -- exit exit Kinect is it live without later. Really it just crack it broke my heart and then it was it was -- about it with them later Steve came on stage. And if they associated him -- that. Like -- mobile one of those people -- -- -- -- even if you like. -- -- body. Now I mean it was unfortunate because the idea is it define it like kids are actually born. We just like with Smart technology. Are mobile and the use these apps to -- and Sharon vaknin who is one young people who were seen -- a good example of a super connected person in her DN apps at its -- -- -- great idea. I don't have any issue with that. You it is. In helping -- with terrible dancing horrible accident -- pretending that it -- if you're young you're. That's it that's it in an -- well if you're young you're an idiot you see every single buzzword. Having to do it yet. I just I didn't -- to -- people are always telling a telling young people that there -- and then act not to get real. -- -- -- People. The -- warned that young people and voting ends promptly were. -- a good generation don't diminish the -- mobile and don't diminish it by using -- buzzwords slate. Connecting to -- -- when I work -- More than one I was -- -- as if I hasten to be a highlight the Wii's novelty it's highly Taiwanese and use. The best picture of the highlights. Is when we met when direction. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a -- and it Lamar and finally it was like an imbalance because they figure it. Out watch out that you know that I am really not with it when it comes to pop culture and a television. I don't know who need to do is now trying to send me images that you do this and hollered and I were -- and if you pull -- up on the screen now you're not lines at the time meets you need to do. I'm one time in the trailer we had to look at and this is a CNET trailer that exists in the parking lot. You're stressed out and -- and cam and we watched kittens. And it -- SL -- that. Lower at Julia and gen game -- -- work with him and so we looked Italians. Which really. Other highlight for me was when in the middle of all of the live -- -- -- you -- We're not watching from home like as closely as we were or perhaps you -- we're loving it because it with them. -- -- But at one point -- -- those stressed we we I don't think I had gone from my computer -- hours and then suddenly the song. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It means this it's an endless -- all of our highlights. Up with anything that we like that -- you know. It will be true highlight of via I think and -- came from CNET and meet him at. -- -- -- But it came from England and Brian Tong when they work out on this needs doing live torture testing of devices. V I actually was. -- I know this is ridiculous and crazy and I'm emotional -- -- with teary -- I had had. Survived. It he -- -- ashes of itself. Pacific. Zune it dumped that water. In -- of water behind the screen is subject and he could see one -- -- -- and day out. -- -- that waterlogged. IPad. And dumped it into. Energy and rates which I. Need I thought it loaded and I want -- It's gonna explode the -- is gonna shatter break the bank beautiful man with the very interesting facial -- -- -- -- -- -- is gonna get injured. But not what -- does not happen at all. Instead. It it rose it was freezing and it looked creepy it was a bigger and rain. Genius that he is climbed a typing. Error rates and draw that thing. So I light and it is needed so perfectly even when he dropped it like the human disease. And -- And we were sitting in front of our monitors like advance. And we. Here -- the next. Week we have a picture of it. And finally about it I think that's -- it doesn't matter we -- we had a picture of the on site lets out the iPhone. IPad and the iPad -- its screen completely. -- and shattered. And you look up close and I think -- -- Apple -- is on. That which means that you. Screen. A third party person to get -- -- -- -- you actually look up your act and how to on how to do it yourself. I am and that turning would work after all of that have you wondering if you shouldn't buy an iPad because it couldn't handle it and you might be. -- -- -- have to marginal not only can handle it can handle it in the frozen tundra. Candle lit -- growing out of the building can handle it. Anywhere that you -- -- the chaos that Eileen is not the -- via the pounds model now and last year. Us was a highly exact thing a lot of highlights we found. Out in the parking lot where you made -- play guitars to -- you know if you want to accurately cool it's it. Take a look at a lot and -- -- sat in IE -- back is playing guitars marketers and you could hear that. And you could did you -- at Apple and I mean. This is before even dropped -- it is freezing over and they pull it out. It's like crystals. Reasoning I. Honestly I'm -- hi I am going. -- -- Angel hair that the highlight. The Italians this I -- about not man he has absolutely every type of interesting here you can use me. Yet I'm not lock it down he's gone a long goatee he'd gotten -- job you've got a month acts in it doesn't -- without. This isn't iPad -- -- it's an iPad three iPad three. There and any. -- -- in -- insecurity and -- and -- is easily it's so intensely and in 12 they're gonna throw it off of that ninth when I accidentally should be playing. Like Schindler's List music I like John Williams about that the outlook it was done so yes yes. -- Berry. Had serious music and we don't know what's gonna happen then I think Larry spoiler alert you that we -- where it was minds are ahead and behind but it really amusing thing is it's unreal I want to talk about what a couple of things. That we can't. Happen in future. Based on what we thought via cookie great I think I'm not and all I wanna watch him -- it all the way. -- and there it is that it's happening. -- -- Now shattered into millions. Still. -- but it is not dead at all it's like. I can't I mean I can't get any. Day so we. When we're wandering around yesterday in February you know we got loss. He is saying it -- We took a couple pictures of us being lost because take a look at -- because you part of the -- -- -- -- -- rate which is where. That's us. Not -- a -- on -- -- that I cannot find of the boot and the problem is neither of us knows how to read a map easier we just gave up. So not found where all the storage containers are. But while we were -- that we were thinking -- wondering like what is gonna come. Next year -- what's gonna happen in the future I think that. -- -- rumors at this. Yet except perhaps project the war which we thought it -- a new media device app at an accident via the code name for project healed with you guys know about. The thing that we can say I'm looking forward in the future are gonna happen based on what we thought -- this here. Is number one bendable screen technology bendable screen technology. Giant picture both on and off and it is just. Mind blowing on them why do we need it. Is -- where it is a picture of the bendable screen. I mean you can actually -- at that the video you can watch -- work. No answering count for what you're gonna do -- this. I mean people say -- you could put it like a strap around your -- that this screen and then. You could type on II I think that's Sony's. According think will be interesting is if they incorporate that all the wearable -- that they've been showing off violently as the pebble watchers Smart to whatever it is not martian -- And then you can instead of you know -- -- with the hands. He could do what it is like -- Things for you silently back -- and then have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- like I mean this is. I think it -- this technology they'll be able to incorporated watches better than will be need more beautifully because that's an -- -- The other really awesome thing that is going to be reality guide the future is just to be here in one package. Is this -- faith that Brian Tong and and the other people of the -- language which is that. A new age in Iraq that your computer where it thinks that your eyes and then your eyes navigate through. Your computer for you without amounts -- the coolest thing about this is that. Bryant on this plane fruit ninja which is the game reefs like you know on the on iPad reads like fruit. And he was doing it with his -- which -- And work unreal household like it works better and -- doing it with my fingers so I think -- really cool I think. There's you know it needs to go -- further -- I -- -- I was -- that you love -- you could blink and it. Open an app or in any means that there at their a couple of new things that it keeps you in the future -- they think we'll eat anything the implications of this realizing -- so many awesome things like an existing right now you it it can't react to your blinking rates -- or -- saying yes yes they need to figure that out. But it's really really a day what are the other thing. I think we can determine from this is the three did -- think I. Have seen what there is the LG is where they where I think it was similar to last year -- locking you put this glasses on and it's. Beautiful. Things are flying -- she went -- forever I just don't see it happening. Anymore Forte is the -- -- -- no it's just that. 3-D did not take off even the 3-D TVs we thought one LG TVs. Where we were playing 3-D game and it was the meaning it didn't like it was coming right -- -- -- meet -- on -- it was really cool about it was awesome. But figured nobody cared at all theories like seven people in that area and you're only trying to get to the other than oil and -- -- it. Everything spa and then the other thing that I think we can glean. What happened to us that this you know. Is that the next wedding you've had go to -- Is that you're going to you know we -- a wedding album really the thing that it is a photo Booth. Yes and urban development that they take pictures right and then you can have a photo you yourself at this -- -- the next iteration of that is going to be this thing called into different. Which you've probably heard of it it wasn't and here it just was here and how much interest there was -- it was really shocking to me. And that -- you can take your own and you can hash tag something on this program. Using a certain -- and it will print out from this wall mounted printer. A little Butte in her in one -- Yeah and forty seconds later I had three pictures of my caps and picture you yeah I printed out. -- -- many come as stickers because little yeah you you know and and what you did you rented out for parties and hopefully in the future would be the time being you can buy your own half yeah I mean there with the cost of it was really easy and economical it was -- -- -- It literally with 5000 staff and when you've -- -- -- -- the rent a man who comes with it. Iran -- as Hamachi costs he better be an interesting thing at its gene Munster. Didn't. Understand how to start insults and -- don't think -- Are -- guys well. No one else just wanted to let you know. Before we wrap up is that they're really good news today. There wasn't concerned you're -- it that there was going to be an asteroid -- was going to hit the earth. In 2036. And NASA has been very concerned about it and even playing down and -- are because they didn't -- alarmist that there was Armageddon brings but. Just FYI don't worry. NASA has determined it's not and it -- -- thank -- So we're going to live out there is one day when every single. CNET editor was in one space trailer house like this -- -- -- it's gonna happen if an announced what happens -- queries over and it. I think you guys -- -- before. Before -- ends. We put -- on Twitter this morning if anybody had any Twitter questions. We got one response rate and sexy and pretty good question are we gonna see any desktop oriented table it monitors and twenty thirds. Definitely definitely absolutely definitely we are he saw a four K -- Tablet tablet so I think -- -- -- -- the appeared via the certificate on here at the -- -- -- fourteen monitor is up next I'm just here and will anyone care and it's different now like a blast out for -- things like -- is working to -- the when it's. Small. It's it's even harder to -- that's the -- one of the reasons why the -- content eighty inches and hundred inches of does that you can actually pre date the reality of it. It'll happen will be worth it probably not enough for under ten and need to that's what's gonna mansion -- would be. Problem and but I think he's so much for joining we -- so much -- rumor has it that much fun at CES 2013. Before we go way we've got. Brian Tong -- standing by -- and all we're going to leave right after this break. Thank you don't mind.

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