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First Look: Sony's $149 SmartWatch hands-on
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First Look: Sony's $149 SmartWatch hands-on

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The Sony SmartWatch sure looks stylish and, powered by Android, promises to bring a host of slick smartphone features to your wrist.

Hi this is Brian -- for and today we're taking a first look at the Sony Smart watch. This 14999. Gadget is similar to other high tech Android powered devices on the market like that -- watch and Motorola active. What sets Sony's accretion apart though is its sleek stylish looks and tight connection to Android Smartphones. At just over half an -- the square shape Sony Smart watch is very portable measuring one point four inches tall by one point 42 inches wide. And zero point three inch thick it's closer in size with Apple's pint sized iPod nano. It has handsome design touches like a silver metallic edge -- smoothly rounded. A one point three inch amoled screen has a 128. By 128 pixel resolution and displays vibrant colors. While device comes out of the box with a conservative black wrist strap five others are available for purchase like white shown here. Pink mint blue and -- the rubbery feel it's soft and comfortable to. Essentially this -- Smart -- a fancy remote control for Android Smartphones that connects all the devices via Bluetooth wireless connection. The watch itself runs a special version of Android and can run multiple applications for checking whether tax -- milk -- You can -- phone to place calls using a phone book app or accept or reject calls without touching your handset. There's a music aptitude to control volume and other audit functions right from your wrist. A recent software update has also added two more watch faces a small digital -- out -- an analogue. -- -- -- The Sony Smart -- by connecting it to PCs and Macs using a supplied USB cable. Sony says -- can expect about four days of run time from the watch now there are problems with the Smart watch some of them pretty serious. First -- -- looks great indoors and especially in low light it's impossible to read in direct sunshine. Also the -- keep the time if it loses its phone -- If it powers down completely though without phone nearby it becomes a slick looking paper -- In addition the Smart watch -- only officially compatible with Sony Xperia Android handsets and a select few devices from other manufacturers. I'm Brian Bennett and this has been a first look at the -- Smart -- be sure to check out our full review at