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CNET News Video: Sony unveils new Windows 7 Vaio PCs

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CNET News Video: Sony unveils new Windows 7 Vaio PCs

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Just in time for the launch of Windows 7, Sony throws a party for the new additions to its Vaio lineup, from touch-screen all-in-ones to pencil-thin luxury laptops.

[ MUSIC ] ^M00:00:02 >> [Dan Ackerman:] I'm Dan Ackerman, and we're here in New York City with Sony as they're unveiling their Vaio laptop and desktop lineup for holiday 2009 and also for the Windows 7 launch. So basically three new product lines we're talking about today. First one is the CW line of mainstream laptops. These are 15-inch laptops that have Blu-ray drives, and more importantly they start at under 800 dollars, which makes them fairly affordable for a Vaio. There's also the L series. That's a 24-inch, all-in-one machine that has a touch screen, and we got to play around with that. And with Windows 7, with a lot of touchscreen support built in, you're able to do a lot of cool stuff by just taking your, your fingers and doing kind of multi-touch on it like you would with like an iPhone or an iPod Touch. But possibly the most important new announcement from Sony here tonight was the Vaio X series, which is an ultraportable flash netbook-type laptop. It's very small; it's very light; it's about as thick as a number two pencil. >> At 1.6 pounds and half an inch thin, it is the world's lightest notebook computer. >> We took a look at it, and it's actually got an Atom processor, at least in the demo units they have up here at the Sony event. Which means that depending on what price it comes in at, it might be seen as either a really cool kind of semi-luxury laptop, or something that's much more expensive than the typical under-500-dollar netbooks. We heard, haven't heard any prices yet, but we're thinking a thousand dollars plus on this one. They've got a nicely appointed demo room upstairs, and some Cirque du Soleil-style performers are going to come out and do some acrobatics and stuff, all to show off these new Sony Vaio laptops and desktops. In New York City, I'm Dan Ackerman for CNET. ^M00:01:35 [ MUSIC ]

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