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First Look: Sony KDS-R60XBR2

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First Look: Sony KDS-R60XBR2

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While the Sony KDS-R60XBR2 has a picture that's essentially identical to its less-expensive SXRD stablemate, the prodigious feature set on this 60-inch high-definition television will attract buyers who must have it all.

[ Music ] >> Hi, I'm David Katzmaier, senior editor from CNET.com and I'm with the Sony KDSR60XBR2. This is a 60 inch rear projection HDTV. As you can see, compared to a lot of rear projections TVs on the market, it's really a lot bigger. There is these flanges on the side here that are actually speakers and they extend five inches to either side. No, you can't take them off. Although Sony does make a 70 inch version where the speakers are removable. Above and below the TV it's also increased in size by this glossy black border around the screen and of course the pedestal down here adds a little bit more to the size. So overall, the TV is not quite as compact as it could be. In terms of features, Sony put everything and the kitchen sink into this set. There's a cable card input with TV Guide on screen. There's also a great selection of inputs. Two HDMI and one PC on the back in addition to two component video inputs. There's also a third HDMI input on the front panel for quick temporary connections. I'm sure Sony envisioned you connecting your Playstation 3 to that input. In terms of other features, there's plenty of picture adjusting controls, in fact more than we've seen on any HDTV on the market, including a full set of white balance controls and things like gamma and edge enhancement and a whole bunch of other things you can do to tweak the picture. So really great adjustment possibilities. Picture quality, this high end TV was very good as we expected. Its black level reproduction among the best on the market for a rear projection set. It's also excellent uniformity across the screen, so the picture doesn't change much from corner to corner and if you move around the couch relative to the TV. Our one complaint was with primary color accuracy. The colors look a little too punchy in some areas a little too vivid. So wish we could turn those down, but those extensive picture controls don't allow you to do that. Otherwise, it's an excellent performer. Anyway, that's a quick look at the Sony KDSR60XBR2 and I'm David Katzmaier. ^M00:01:54 [ Music ]

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