First Look: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W370
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First Look: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W370

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Sony's Cyber-shot DSC-W370 is an inexpensive compact camera with a long lens; however, its shutter lag and low-light photo quality keep it from earning a higher rating.

>>Josh Goldman: Hi, I'm Josh Goldman, Senior Editor for CNET Reviews and this is the Sony Cybershot Dsc-w370. For less than $230 is offers a 14 megapixel resolution, 7x optical zoom and a 3 inch LCD that's packed into a body that easily slips in a pocket. Controls are pretty straight forward and despite being somewhat small, they're easy to press and choose. Shooting options are geared for snapshot photographers who tend to leave their camera in auto. There is a program mode for changing things like white balance ISO and light metering but that's as much control as you get. Its intelligent auto works well and if you really need or want to simplify things, you can switch to an easy mode. Sony also includes its sweep panoramic mode for making instant panoramic shots and in HD movie mode with use of the optical zoom while recording, though the movement will be picked up a bit by the mic. Shooting performance is generally okay, but a long shutter lag both in bright and low light conditions makes anything but portraits and landscapes tricky. Photo quality is good to very good but low light shots are a bit of an issue sharing softening from noise reduction as well as a lot of noise and color shifting above ISO 400. I'm Josh Goldman, that's a look at the Sony Cybershot Dsc-w370.

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