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CNET News Video: Sony CEO apologizes for outage, touts new gear

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CNET News Video: Sony CEO apologizes for outage, touts new gear

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CNET's Kara Tsuboi sits down with Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton at E3 in Los Angeles to discuss 3D gaming, the new PS Vita handheld device, and the elephant in the room--the recent PlayStation outage that compromised millions of users' personal information.

-Tells us a little a little bit about BETA the sitting in front of you. -Well, BETA was something you judge from the applause and so it's tough in the press conference because you got a lot of industry people, but I think it went over incredibly well. People were excited about the form factor and the features, but I think people will blown to hear that they get this incredible device for $249 in a Wi-Fi version, $299 in a 3G version. So, I think that was really exciting news for people, and then to hear that it will be coming out this calendar year, I think it was another piece of news. So, the good news is they are not hearing about it and seeing it on the screen, they are out at the arcade right playing all the great games that will be available at launch. -Tell us how it pushes the handheld technology forward with double facing touch pad and screen and cameras and all that. Tell us about some specs. -Yeah, I think, you know, the assumption was that there was always a sacrifice in portable game and the good news was that you could take out of the house and take with you anywhere you go. Bad news was it was a poor substitute for console experience, and I think we push things father than they've ever been before the original PSP, but we really learned from that and said okay. People want dual analog sticks. They are used to enable to use those 2 analog sticks and the console experience. They want that in the portable. Small size is nice, but they want the biggest screen they can get on their hand ** 5-inch OLED screen, not only size, but in quality, something that people are very excited about. The 2 cameras give you the augmented reality and the ability to bring the real world interplay. Obviously, the Wi-Fi and 3G kind of activity and then the front and back touch is something that gives you a whole new world of gaming elements that the development community is drawling over. -Very excited. We also heard about a lot of new titles and a lot of titles in the 3D space. That's obviously a growing niche for Sony. Tell us about that. -Well, I mean, we're incredibly excited about 3D and we said, you know, we're all in when it comes to 3D and there's certainly been some skeptics out there, but those were the same skeptics when it was HD and really probably back to the colored TV, but I think, you know, you see technology more thrushed forward, and when you get affordability and combine that with great content that's when a format really takes off and we think with our 24-inch 3D monitor and all the components that are gonna come with it including a great 3D game for 499 combined with, you know, the incredible hundred 3D games that will be out by the end of this year will really making a must have, and the other thing that we clearly wanna remind people while it's a gaming heritage, you know, 3D is great for watching movies and TV content and gonna watch the news on 3D, but it's great for gaming. -Or not yet at least. -Not yet, not yet. -Did you say 100 3D titles by the end of the year? -100 by the end of the year. -Wow, that's good to know. -Yeah. -Okay, and you brought up the first, the skeleton. We got to talk about that. -Yeah. -What was the decision to address that with like in the first 2 minutes maybe at the pressor. -Yeah. I think it was something that the people were wondering about and quite frankly as I said in the press conference I was looking forward to addressing consumers for the first time and I mean every word I said they are they lifeblood of the company and without them we have no brand, so I definitely felt their pain. The company felt their pain and we realized how passionate they are about gaming when they have some of that experience taken away from, but the good news we're back. We're more secure than we've ever been and the consumer means more to us than they ever have. So, we really appreciate. You know, in good times, when the consumers are with you, it feels great, but when you struggle a little bit and they're still with you that really means a lot. -More secure than ever before. Is there, I mean, can we guarantee that no more personal information will be leaked. -Well, you know, I think we're extremely confident that we're in a better position than we ever been up before, but if you look at what's going on in the world right now, whether it's defense contractors, state offices, TV station, I mean, hacking right now is becoming major, major problem across facets. So, I think we're confident that we're much more secure than we were before, but there are very few guarantees in life. -Do you know who these hackers about? Have you guys found that out? -No. Not at this point. Not at this point. -What about the PlayStation usage in Asia about getting that back online in Hong Kong, in Tokyo. Well, I think the thing that's amazing when you look at anything that requires a service to get back is when you realize how many countries you are in and how complex the whole process is and we're very, very close with the Asian markets, but we're pleased that the vast majority of the network gaming community is back 100% and we hope to be 100% worldwide and [unk] -And tell us a little bit the compensation that was given to the users. Well, they've got an opportunity to get a free month of PlayStation plus. If they were already a PlayStation plus subscriber, they've go 2 more months added to the subscription. They've got a group of game to choose from depending on whether they were a PlayStation portable consumer or PlayStation 3 consumer that we're giving them free of charge, and we're also providing them with some security and prediction that's gonna benefit them really through all their personal information. So, we're hoping that they appreciate. That is a small token of our appreciation for what they went through. -That's like the credit score stuff and-- -Exactly. -Yeah. Okay. Why Sony? Why do you think this happened to you guys? -I could think you could say why insert name, you know, it could happen to you station, you know, I doesn't for your sake, but I think everybody is vulnerable to their information at least being attacked and, you know, you just hope and pray that it doesn't happen to you or if did happen and then it doesn't happen again. So E3 coming when did 6 weeks or so after the attack. Good time and bad time, good time to turn over a new leaf, look for the second half of the year. Hopefully clear the air a little bit for you guys. -Well, E3 is the Superbowl for this industry, and if you ever had afraid of good news to try it out, this would be the time, so I don't think there's a lot of people out there right now that are focused on anything but all the great content we just announced and the thing that we don't want lost on people. It is a 3D gaming monitor first foremost, but it is also a great way to watch your favorite TV programing, to watch Blu-ray movies in 3D or high definition. So, virtually everything you can do with the 3D TV other than having a toner built in, but there are not too many [unk] on top of houses anymore and, you know, those consumers probably are not the early adaptors for HD and 3D, so virtually anybody who's got a cable signal or satellite TV signal will be able to watch their favorite program in high def or an 3D. So, we're excited to bring that opportunity for, you know, $499 and I think if you go out to your local retail store, you will realize that's one heck of a bargain for a 3D monitor. -Yeah, you mentioned dorm rooms, you know, workout rooms, that's a perfect space for that size, and you know, the capabilities, the versatility. -Exactly, and that's the key. I think a lot of people make a purchase and they say oh I've got to go out and buy an HDMI cable and of course I've got to buy a game for it and oh I need 3D glasses and the beauty is $499 you're just now getting the monitor, you're getting really everything you need to enjoy 3D right out of the box assuming you have a PlayStation 3. -And when this is available? -It will be available in the fall. We haven't announced the specific date yet. -Christmas gifts. -Oh, for sure. -Perfect timing. -Yeah, yeah. -Good stuff. -Well, thank you very much. -My pleasure. -We appreciate the time

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