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Apple Byte: Sneak peek at the rumored iPhone 5S camera

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Apple Byte: Sneak peek at the rumored iPhone 5S camera

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Photos leak of the purported iPhone 5S camera, as well as some high-res shots of the iPhone 5C. iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks get beta updates, and the Apple Byte teaches you a lesson.

-What's up? Brian Tong here and welcome to the Apple Byte for all the good and bad inside the world of Apple. Let's just get to the show and we're still a ways out before we get any official iPhone announcement, but a recent photo from nowhere else afar compares the current iPhone5 camera module on the right to the purported leaked iPhone5S camera module on the left. Now the 5S camera part doesn't show a flash component attached to it and we're expecting the new iPhone will come with the more powerful dual LED flash that's been showing off in previous rumored prototype photos as well. Now, we've seen shots of the iPhone5C and it's believe that phone will share many of the same parts with the current iPhone5, so it's a strong bet that this is the rumored 12-megapixel camera for the iPhone5S and I hope it comes soon because I don't wanna keep showing you parts of the phone. And another phone we've seen a lot of is the iPhone5C from last week. This time, Sonny Dickson's blog posted high-res images of every nook cranny in beveled edge you could show off for the back housing just in case you had any doubts this thing wasn't real. It's been a busy week if you're a developer. The big A released the 5th developer preview for OS 10 Mavericks. It includes some minor back end changes but also includes a new beta version of iPhoto and the iBooks app for the Mac that was shown off at WWDC. And Apple has seeded the 5th beta for iOS 7 and it continues to see more interface tweaks like changing the icons in the settings menu and even changing the phone apps buns to be bigger with circles around them and giving you multiple options for the way your contact's names are displayed. Now, we're still expecting to see both of this release in the fall with new hardware. And sticking with iOS 7, are you convinced with the new look or not? Well, I would say almost everyone that I show it to for the first time really likes it, but there is a lot of people online that don't like it at all. So, Polar recently conducted an online poll comparing key-user interface elements like the on and off switches, notifications, the keyboard, and the icon set. Now the results favored iOS 7 and in total, 72 percent of respondents preferred iOS 7 compared to 28 percent of iOS 6 users. Now, I've got to admit, my favorite feature is the lock screen because I can get full screen pictures on it. All right, let's take a quick break with a quick and easy How To tip from Donald Bell. -Hey, I'm Donald Bell and I have a love-hate relationship with the iPhone's default alarm clock sound, Marimba. Sounds like cuckoo clock that Jimmy Buffett would use to remind him that it's margarita time. Now, if you're starting from scratch, head into the iPhone's clock app and hit the plus button that create a new alarm. Set the alarm down here at the bottom and then up here where it says sound, click Marimba and it'll be taken to another screen where you can choose from other ringtones or pick a song from your music library. To do that, tap pick a song and then you'll be taken to your music library which you can sort by song or artist or album to find something that you like. Now once you've find the right song, tap it and you'll hear a preview of what it will sound like. Raise the volume level to get a sound that's gonna be loud enough to wake you up and then tap the back button to stop the preview. The sound selection should now show the title of the song you selected. Now to set the alarm, tap the save button and then you're all set. Now, what if you wanna change an existing alarm or you've gotten used for setting alarms through Siri? Here's what to do. Open up the clock app and make sure you're in the alarm tab, hit the edit button at the top and then find the alarm you've already set. Tap it and it should take you to that same menu we saw before we can select the sound and then hit save. For more How To tips and tricks, head over to HowTo. CNET.com. I'm Donald Bell. I'll go take a nap. -Thanks, Donald and clearly we have different music taste because mine would be something like this. -Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, just wake up-- -All right to the quick bytes, Apple's losing when it comes to smartphone operating system market share according to a report from research firm IDC. Android dominates with nearly 80 percent of the market, iOS comes in at 13 percent, Windows phone keeps making progress at a small 3.7 percent, but it's growing, and Blackberry is at 2.9. You know, getting the cheaper phone out there might help with this and maybe they could call it something like the iPhone5C. All right, Apple carriers, ready for an upgrade and we'll be getting 24/7 online chat support that will go live around August 12th according to 9to5Mac. It will feature a revamp website with a simplified user interface to get around, but more importantly, if you just need someone to talk to on those lonely nights, Apple Care will be there for you. And in a story that we can all learn from, the Herald Sun in Australia recently reported that a woman made an arrangement to purchase two iPhones from another woman. They met at McDonalds, they probably had a happy meal together and then made the exchange-- now two iPhones in their boxes for 1,500 Australian dollars which is about 1,300 USD. Now when the woman got home, she found two apples like real fruit apples, one in each box. People, you have got to learn. Open the box. Don't you remember that South Carolina woman? Well, she bought an iPad for $180, but it was made out of wood-- wood. Or the British guy who bought an iPad for $390 that was filled with potatoes-- potatoes. Now when you make a shady deal, open the fricking box. I don't even feel bad for the lady who bought two apples and you know what, I'm giving her the bad apple for being stupid. And the lesson of the day is, don't be stupid. All right, that's gonna do it for this week's show. Send me your emails and questions to the AppleByte@CNET.com or tweet me @BrianTong and I'll get to as many as I can. Thanks for watching and we'll catch you all next week for another Byte of the Apple.

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