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Apple Byte: Sneak peek at the new Facebook app
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Apple Byte: Sneak peek at the new Facebook app

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Are the Beatles finally coming to iTunes? We'll show you the new layout for the Facebook 3.0 app. We'll also talk iPods, iTunes, and Snow Leopard, and we announce our InCase winners!

[ music ] ^M00:00:06 >> What's happening? I'm Brian Tong. And welcome to the Apple Byte, where we're giving you all the good and the bad inside the world of apples, so let's get to the stories. All things digital is reporting that Apples next event will be held on September 9th in San Francisco. Now the Big A hasn't confirmed this date. But if correct, it follows their yearly pattern for an iPod, iTune refresh. But could there be more significance to that date of 9,9,9. Now there's been a long range rumor for years, but are the Beatles finally, finally coming to iTunes? Well they'll be releasing their own Beatles Rock Band music video game on all the gaming consoles that day. And their entire remastered Beatles Catalogue is being released that same day as well. I know the old saying, bad things come in three. But in this case, just bring on the Beatles, please. The reality is that music label EMI and people close to Apple and the Beatles have said nothing is brewing, or is it? Now iTunes will be at the forefront of Apples latest announcement. But here's what the Coopertino [phonetic] kids can start bragging about. iTunes is kicking everybody's tushies. According to MPD data, iTunes was the number 1 music retailer for the first half of 2009 with 25% of unit sales, and that includes all physical retail stores. Now if you're talking just digital downloads, iTunes is killing it with 69% of all sales, with Amazon coming in second with just 8%. That's a total domination people. Digital sales account for 35% of total music sales right now, and MPD projects it will equal CD sales by the end of 2010. Now there's no app of the week, but I did want to show off a preview of the new Facebook 3.0 app that's coming soon. Check out these screen shots; they're courtesy of app advice. And they showcase an all new layout and some of the new features. So you'll have a home screen, kind of like the iPhone home screen. And you'll be able to add additional tiles; such as a fan page or personal page you like to check often. Your new speed will now hide people that you've hidden from the main web page, because it didn't do that before. You can also like things with the 3.0 app. And there are tons of other features, including new photo and video support. I can't wait for the update, and it's definitely looking good. Now let's hit on some of the quick bytes. Apple released a hard drive firmware update from Mac Book Pro Systems that would hear occasional beeping noises, followed by a brief freezes. Never a good thing. So get on that if you've experienced it. Now I also didn't want to give this too much attention, but images have been floating around that show iTunes 9 will support a Facebook integration for music status updates, and the software will also support thinking with third party devices. Now I could see Facebook, but third party support? We will see about that. And several websites are also reporting that Snow Leopard might be releasing on August 28th. That's a little earlier than that September deadline. What do I know? Well if I told you I might have to kill you, or actually I might be killed. It's one or the other. All right guys, let's announce the winners for our incase [inaudible]. The question was, how many times did I get hit by paper balls? The answer was 3. But then many of you said 4. And technically that 4th one did hit me on the foot. But for those of you that said 2. 2? You guys didn't even go back to watch the episode, so bad apple on all of ya all. All right, here's the winners, Terrick [phonetic] Miller, Mark Stephens, Jose Martinez, Jeremy Gothard, [phonetic] and the pink case, go to Kendra Bissionette. [phonetic] I'll be in touch as long as you guys send me back a picture with you rocking the case. And if you guys recall a few episodes back, I announced my desire to be a Canadian. Well Roger's was watching and they sent me this care package with a hat, a flag, maple syrup, and caramels, and this sweet little card. So it really made my day. And to show my appreciation I asked for a picture of the team. And they sent one. But do they have to wear those t-shirts and pimp out their 21 megabytes per second network again? Bad apple on you Rogers. Bad. Bad. Bad. I'm really kidding, because I've got nothing but love for all of you guys. But that's gonna do it for this week. Next week I'll be off to enjoy the Hawaiian Islands, and I'll make sure to show you my tan lines. So we'll be doing something special for ya all. Remember; send your emails to the I'm Brian Tong. Thanks for watching. And come back next week for another byte of the apple. ^E00:04:29

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