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Tech Industry: Smartfish ErgoMotion keyboard

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Tech Industry: Smartfish ErgoMotion keyboard

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At CES 2010, Tom Merritt looks at the Smartfish ErgoMotion keyboard.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:04 >> Hey, I'm Tom Merritt at CES 2010 taking a look at the ErgoMotion Keyboard from SmartFish. This is an ergonomic keyboard that moves automatically, a pretty interesting insight. The founder, who created this, actually realized that well, it's repetitive stress injury. I need to stop repeating the same motions. Even if it's an ergonomic keyboard, it's always repeating the same motions. So he went to the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York, and worked with them to define what the proper way to deal with that would be and came up with this idea. Once an hour, a subtle movement will happen, so you'll see the keyboard just slightly move. Now, they claim that it doesn't move so much that you lose your place or lose your feeling of where the keys should be, but it moves it enough to change the blood flow and change the position so that you aren't constantly going in the same place, and it's got a subtle ergonomic feel. I'd like to try it out because I hate ergonomic keyboards, and I think this one looks a little less painful than some the others. But again, once an hour, it's gonna move just a little bit and change that position, a really interesting idea. They say that it'll be sold under the Maxell brand within a couple months of January, so looking at March or so, and it should be in all stores by April. It's going to sell for $150.00. Once again, it's the ErgoMotion Keyboard from SmartFish. At CES 2010, I'm Tom Merritt. ^M00:01:31 [ Music ]

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