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CES 2014: Smart bed and more in CES heath-tech tour

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CES 2014: Smart bed and more in CES heath-tech tour

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We walk you through some of the fitness gadgets at CES 2014, starting with a bed that can stop your partner snoring, and ending in a high-tech sauna.

Hello, tech fans. I'm Luke Westaway live from CES 2014. I'm checking out the extremely comfortable Sleep Number x12 bed, the smartest bed at the whole show. It's very, very cool. So, let me talk you through some of its features. Okay. First of all, I wanna talk about some existing technology the Sleep Number has for is mattresses. And that's the power to make one half of the mattress like full firm, packed full there, and the other one all soft and flouncy. So, this one is pretty firm. You know, maybe if you got a bad back and you need something a little bit more supportive. But if I flounce over to this side, I flop in like a fish. Then, you know, then we got something a little bit more comfortable. It's pretty neat. Now, this bed doesn't only inflate or deflate according to your comfort levels, it's also jam-packed with sensors. And what those sensors do-- if I come back over here-- is they give you a score called "Sleep IQ." So, this thing knows there's a sensor in the air pump that figures out your chest movements. And from that, it can figure out your heart rate and your breathing rate. And with that, it produces something like this. If you take look at this side right here. These are just screen shots. This isn't a live app but you can see a little bit how your sleep is performing. So, if you take a look at some example graphs here, you can see a sleep summary for some people called Sarah and Javier. And you can see it where it's green, they felt they've been very well rested. They're in deep sleep. So, that means that the bed isn't noticing any trouble, you know, any movement, any vibration. No activity in the bed for Sarah or Javier. But when it's orange, that means you're a little bit restless. And when you hit red, that means you've exited the bed completely. And obviously, you're not asleep then-- unless, I suppose, you're sleep-walking. But the bed's not that smart. It can't tell that. Anyway, the cool thing then is that you can crunch those numbers into weekly or even monthly figures, and actually get a score. So, if you thought life was tough enough, if you thought you're always being tested, now, you can be tested while you're asleep. So, that's good. And you even get a score, a number, that score just "Sleep IQ." And the idea here is that you try and get that up over, you know, the weeks. You figure out what went wrong. You can log things as well, like diet, what you ate that day, what you've been drinking, if you've been drinking heavily, things like medications you've been on. You pop them in the journal, and the idea here is that that will inform your sleep pattern. So, if you look at a monthly summary here, a lot of green nights. That's good. But hey, a couple of orange nights. Maybe you look back at the-- at that Tuesday or anything, huh? Work stresses. That's why I got that low sleep IQ score. It's all part of the Westaway Wellness Program. Something else that this bed does that's pretty neat is it's got an underbed lighting. So, this is a bit like a really tricked-out car. You know, it lights under the thing. And these come on automatically when you exit the bed. But you might not wanna exit the bed because oh, my goodness, it's so comfortable. I'm gonna talk about another really excellent feature now. And that is the ability to stop your partner's snoring. So, what you do is you use this remote. I think we can see it here in the hands of my pal, Pete. He's just demonstrating how you turn on the snore-- the anti-snore functionality there. And what that does is it raises up the half of the bed that the snoring person is on. Now, if the person is snoring lying on their bla-- on their back, being raised up like that changes the way that the air is going through your pathways, and it should stop you snoring. The bad news is, though, it doesn't work for people who are snoring on their side. The solution there is you take the remote and you jab them really hard in the ribs. And that should fix the snoring problem. All right. So, you're probably thinking, "Where can I buy this, and how much is it gonna cost?" Well, the bad news is it costs a lot of money. You're looking at $10,500 to get this. This is the king size option. And you're gonna be paying $8,000 to get the queen size option. But I'm thinking when you're paying that much money, you may as well go all out and buy the full size one. Oh, and did I mention it does massage, as well? I's got several different massage functions. They're super comfortable. All right. Now, we are in the fitness tech part of the show here. If I move around the room, the zone that has all of the self-improvement technology you could ever want. We've got things like smart scales, we've got loads of stuff that pairs with your iPhone to track your activity. And that's a really big theme of this year's show, actually, is just generally keeping track of your life, keeping track of what you're eating, how much you weigh. Technology basically invading every single intimate part of your life to, you know, just help you evaluate how you're doing and how well you are. Now, sleep is important. But there's something else that's important-- your skin. After all, it keeps all your organs on the inside. So, I just wanna show off a really, really cool example of some skin-enhancing technology. It's this. It's the Netatmo June Smart Bracelet being modeled here by the lovely Sarah Fujita. Now, if you look really closely-- I don't know how close you can zoom in here. But if you look at this bracelet, you can see that one of these little triangular bits is covered in tiny, tiny holes. And what that does is it lets the sunlight in. This thing then Bluetooths to your phone, and it tells you how much sun you've had, how intense the sun is, and it's-- it lets you know when you're about to have a dangerous amount of sun. Generally keeps you healthy. Healthy skin is good. As you can see, I'm quite pale. I've obviously been correctly following the Netatmo June's sun regimens because I'm a very healthy person. And that's, you know, another big part of the Westaway Wellness Program. I'm a technology journalist. I don't like the outside. What can I say? All right. So, we move up a little bit now. It's a little busy. Everyone wants to self-improve. They've heard that the Westaway Wellness Program is going down, and they're flocking here. If we take a look over here, we've got some work on established tech. This is a vibrating belt that gives you killer abs. I obviously have those killer abs myself, but I can't show you 'cause CNET is family-friendly broadcasting. Over here, we have one of these wrist exercises. This one that you're looking at here is being held by a robot. I think that's cheating. But they're very cool. This one in particular was designed to train baseball players to help with that pitching. All right. So, if we move on up here, finally, on our brief tour, I wanna just stop here at the Health Mate stand. Now, you've probably thought why don't I have a sauna in my house? Well, now you can if you've got thousands and thousands of dollars to stump up. So, Health Mate makes a range of these high-tech smart saunas. We've got this one here, the infrared sauna. It has the smart panel on this side. And I'm gonna pop it open in the minute, and you're gonna see there's a kicking sound system in this sauna, as well. Now, if putting your entire body in the sauna sounds expensive, then why don't you just put parts of your body in the sauna? We've got saunas here just for the lower half of your body, we've got saunas for your feet. We've even got a concept sauna here for your knees. It's important to take good ha-- good care of yourself, folks. And it's amazing to see more and more technology that lets that happen. It's pretty warm in here. And there's some funky music playing. I feel like I've been very healthy today. And I hope I've imparted some gadget health knowledge onto you. All this kind of stuff is gonna be coming out soon. So, you know, if you're in to self improvement in a high-tech way, why not check it out? Right. I'm gonna shut the door now, I'm gonna turn out the lights. Just stay tuned to CNET 'cause in a minute, we've got Eric Franklin and Donald Bell, and they're gonna tell you about all the best tablets of CES. Thanks, guys. See you later.

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