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First Look: Slive-88 Self-Powered Radio

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First Look: Slive-88 Self-Powered Radio

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Whether you're in a blackout or running away from zombies, this AM/FM radio can help you out in a pickle when the power is out. Using a hand crank and a USB port, you can charge your cell phone just enough to make an emergency call.

If you find yourself in an emergency situation like a power a power outage, a natural disaster or the inevitable zombie apocalypse, this AM/FM radio could be a big help. Hello, everybody. I'm Lynn from Cnet bringing you guys the Slive-88 Self Powered Radio. Not only does this splash proof device have a bright LED flash light and and alarm siren but it also has a usb port to charge your cellphone. That way, you could contact emergency personnel or you could tell your mother that you love her. The Slive-88 can be powered by a number of different ways. You can insert 3 AAA batteries in the back using AC adapter by pushing the battery switch toggle to the right or you could power it the old fashion here, pure human muscle. The manufacturers report that if you crank the device for 5 minutes, you should gain about 10 minutes of talk time on a standard smart phone. When you rotate the handle, it gives off a very high pitched unpleasant noise. Then again, in an emergency situation, you probably won't care. The device is relatively light, only weighing about 13 1/2 ounces. It comes in this yellow shade, red and black. Unfortunately, due to manufacturing availability, the Slive-88 will not be sold in the United States as of now. Again, I'm Lynn from Cnet, bringing you guys the Slive-88 Self Powered Radio and Phone Charger.

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