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Apple Byte: Siri's not all that

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Apple Byte: Siri's not all that

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Are MacBook Pros really coming in June? You might lover it or hate it, but Siri needs some work. Plus, another awesome Apple TV remote patent is revealed.

What's happening? Bryan Tong here and welcome to the Apple Bites for all of the good and bad inside the world of Apple. Now I know we were gone last week but we're making it up to it. A little longer show and our can of chicken noodle soup give away. The following is not a paid advertisement for Campbell Soup. See, awesome. Totally worth it. Now to the stories. We know Apple posted a record Ipad sales number selling over 3 million units in it's 1st weekend and that didn't include pre orders but it's not all roses for the Cooper Tino kids. Overseas, there have been complaints by regulators about the term 4G because the networks and countries like Australia, home of the very cute tree dwelling koala use different frequency bands and are not compatible. Apple is now offering full refunds to our mates down under that feel like they were being misled and treated like didgeridoo do. Now European countries like Sweden and the UK are also investigating the 4G fracas because of their strict regulation of advertising claims. But that's not all, there are all the stories about the Ipad still not being fully charged all the way even when it showed it was 100% charged. But whatever you read and no matter what Apple says, guess what. You're still getting 10 plus hours of the promise battery life. So that's a non issue. And let's not forget about the over heating hysteria. So the new Ipad runs a little warmer but that's it. It doesn't run any hotter than a laptop and it's another non issue. But Apple, known for spinning things their way, should have taken advantage of this golden opportunity. Just think about it. The new Ipad's heat feature allows you to do things you've never done before. Like cook a warm meal, wherever you are on a lonely day in the streets or save you time as a portable Iron for that all important job interview. See, you could have done it but you dropped the ball, Apple. Now in a follow up to the Foxconn story, the Fair Labor Association finished their audit and says the manufacturer had violations in working hours and compensation. But they plan on fixing the situation. The report says 60% of workers were not being paid enough to meet their basic needs and work weeks that hit as high as 60 hours per week will be scaled back to 49 hours. Now in another news, a new study says 87% of Iphone 4S owners use Siri monthly, not daily or even weekly but monthly which really isn't that much when you think about it. There's already a few class action lawsuites against Apple claiming that Siri doesn't work as advertised but you might not care if you're a sports fan if it actually works. ESPN has released it's developer APIs for accessing sports scores to strategic partners and as part of the ABC Disney relationship that's very close to Apple. A report from Apple inside our claims they are ready to add sport scores into the Siri mix. So goals say Warrior fans will only need to ask Siri how much are the Warriors losing by tonight? all right. Let's take a quick break to check out an Apple of the week from a man, Jason Parker. And it's a good one. Just about everyone who has a smart phone knows about Angry Birds. Rovio released Angry Birds Space. A game that takes the same one in concept but adds interesting twist with gravity fields, asteroids and new birds to experiment with in an entirely outer space environment. The game starts you off easy. So you can get used to the new concept of gravity fields. Now, when you fire a bird towards a planet or asteroid, the bird will go into orbit around the object within the gravity field. Sometimes giving you several chances to hit your targets. As you progress through the game, the levels get significantly more difficult with multiple gravity fields, asteroids that block your path, and other interesting objects and obstacles that requires some thought before you flung your bird. There are 60 levels to play through and some will definitely having you hitting the reset button numerous times to get that perfect shot. Fortunately, on particularly difficult levels, you have the option to use the new space eagle. The ultra powerful eagle in the original Angry Birds game pretty much meant you could beat any level. But this new space eagle creates a black hole once you tap the screen. And has the explosive power to take out a large area of the level. It's still possible to miss some pigs though, depending on where you place the space eagle. Just like the original Angry Birds, you can get up to 3 stars based on how efficient you can take out all the pigs. So it's still important to try to get them all in one shot. Another new addition comes in the form of bonus levels that are a nod to classic video games. Hitting a randomly placed hidden golden eggsteroid causes a wormhole that sends you to a special level. The level I encountered seems to resemble classic Super Mario games. Once cleared, you'll take the wormhole right back to where you left off. It's important to note that unlike spin offs Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons, while fun, were mostly about putting a new theme and some extra levels on the original. Angry Birds Space is a completely new game. With new birds, new levels to figure out and some secret levels you can work to, it's easy to recommend every one tap this app immediately. Angry Birds Space goes for 99 cents for the phone versions on both iOS and Android and $2.99 for the HD version on both as well. Thanks, Jason. Maybe next time, you could smile for me at the end, you know, like... like that. All right. Now with some cool patented news involving Siri. Apple could be interested in bringing Siri to the Mac by pairing it with an Iphone. A new pan filing called Voice Control System from the big A describes a remote device communicatively coupled to an electronic device that runs Siri. Now this would keep the voice processing exclusive to the phone no matter where you are and the phone's constant data connection would allow the speech functionality to always work when it pings it's servers. Also if you're wondering what's happening with the Apple TV stuff, a new report from research group CSLA says it will be coming out in 2013. Now right now, you could pick any day or year you want but not everyone can be. Nostratongus. All right. Now we know not all these pans comes to the market but another one for Apple's advance TV remote describes a process where you can take a photo of your current remote that's then sent to the Icloud for analysis, then it sends a virtual copy of your remote back to your phone with all it's functionalities. It's like magic. Then you'll be able to control your current TV with this new Apple remote. Mind blown. All right. To the quick bites. A new Digitimes rumor claims the new 15 inch Mac Book Pro will be ramping up production in April but the 13 inch model will be ramping up in June. The April timing falls in line with the availability of Intel's new IV Bridge Chip Line with a launch for sometime this summer. And if you're one of the many people who lived through the Iphone 4S's antenagate and you never took advantage of Apple's bumper case offer. A new webpage called Iphone4settlement.com is where you can collect a hefty $15 settlement. That's a full meal at Boston market with those little tasty cornbread loaves and my gosh, that mac and cheese in the side. Now this supplies to people who bought their phone before February 17, 2012. And you'll have until August 28th to file your claim. But if you guys are looking to collect a big time from Apple, just walk into an Apple store literally. An 83 year old Evelyn Pazwel walked into the glass door of an Apple store in Manhasset, Long Island and broke her nose. She's now suing Apple for 1 million dollars. Now she claims she still has great eye sight saying I maybe elderly but I'm very active and I'm still driving too. Note to self, stay away from Long Island roads. Now I know this has happened to some of you before but come on. Walking into a glass door at an Apple Store, who does that? Who is that stupid. Pay attention, walk with your head up. It's actually very easy. All right. That's gonna do it for this week's show. Send us your e-mails to the applebite@cnet.com. And if you want that can of chicken soup, we'll send it to you. I'm Bryan Tong. Thanks for watching and we'll catch you next time for another bite of the Apple.

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