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CNET Update: SimCity: The new game you can't play
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CNET Update: SimCity: The new game you can't play

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The launch of SimCity is off to a terrible start, BlackBerry Z10 might go on sale March 22, and it's time to find replacement apps before TweetDeck's demise.

It's not easy to move to SimCity. I'm Bridget Carey and this is your CNET update. It's been about a month since BlackBerry showed off the brand new Z10 smartphone, you know, the one that's gonna save the company. But we still don't know-- we knew it would go on sale in the U.S. That lack of information could be slowing the momentum BlackBerry built up after unveiling it in January. Right now, Bloomberg is reporting that AT&T could be selling the Z10 on March 22nd and we're all expecting the keyboard model, the Q10, to come out about a month after that. The Z10 has been on sale already in Europe and Canada and early sales seem to show it's off to a good start. The BlackBerry could have problems competing with its app store as users won't find some popular apps like Instagram, Pandora, YouTube, and Netflix. Disaster has struck the new SimCity. Since it launched on Tuesday, players of the game have been hit with error messages and random disconnections and it's all because the game requires you to be logged online to play, and Electronic Art servers can't handle the high load of players. You could always play SimCity offline before, but EA is now requiring an internet connection to protect against software piracy. EA has temporarily disabled some of these online multiplayer features until it can get more servers to handle the traffic. Fans have waited 10 years for a new SimCity game and this is turning out to be a very messy launch. For those of you with a NOOK, keep your eye out for free books and apps every Friday. NOOK Free Fridays have always featured a free e-book, but now those with a NOOK Tablet can also grab a free app. The real estate app, Trulia, is a tool for searching for available properties and it added a new way to hunt for your next home. If you click like on a property, the app will offer suggestions with photos of other places that look similar. It's like blending the concept of Pandora but with homes. In a previous update, I reported that TweetDeck apps are being discontinued and will soon stop working. That means it's time to teach yourself a few new apps to manage your Twitter feed. For iOS users Tweetbot is very popular but it's $3. A free app is HootSuite, which has a similar experience of using columns to browse, like you can do on TweetDeck. You can sign in to multiple accounts, schedule posts, track stats, and you can also sign in to other networks like Facebook and Foursquare. Android users, you should check out Plume. It's free and it also lets you make custom columns to follow and TweetLine, which is also free, has clean navigation and perks like autocomplete for usernames and a list of trending topics. That's your tech news update. You can find more details on these stories at the blog From our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey.
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