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Signs tech has made you dumb: CNET Top 5

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We played beer pong with robot vacuums
6:33 July 1, 2016
Watch our CNET Home and Appliances team put a new twist on the popular frat game.
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How to turn an old Wi-Fi router into an access point
3:49 July 1, 2016
CNET Dong Ngo demonstrates how you can turn that old Wi-Fi router into an external access point and make Wi-Fi sexy, really sexy.
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US investigating fatal Tesla crash
1:18 July 1, 2016
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into an accident involving a tractor trailer and a Tesla Model S in Autopilot...
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Spotify and Apple in an App Store spat, says report
1:22 July 1, 2016
Spotify's legal team has some fighting words for Apple, according to a new report.
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The new Porsche Panamera is bigger and better than ever
1:33 July 1, 2016
The Panamera may now win over more car fans with improved looks, tech and performance.
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10th generation Mercedes-Benz E-class is smart and stylish
6:32 July 1, 2016
The 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 has been redesigned for the modern driver.
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First Build's Prisma makes cold brew coffee in just ten minutes
1:55 July 1, 2016
The new FirstBuild Prisma Cold Brew Coffee Maker uses vacuum pressure to conjure cold brewed joe in ten minutes flat.
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Apple may be pulled in by Tidal as a buyer
1:07 June 30, 2016
The rumour mill's at work with speculation that Apple is negotiating the purchase of music streaming service Tidal.
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