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CNET News Video: Siege Toys' Trebuchette
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CNET News Video: Siege Toys' Trebuchette

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New snap-together desktop siege engine is in development as a Kickstarter project. Co-inventor Michael Woods gives us a demo.

-Hi, I'm Michael, and we're building laser-cut snapped together trebuchets. This is all, you know, good, close tolerance wood, so there's no glue required. The whole thing just snaps together. And we've got the setup with a light weight here so that the motion isn't too fast, and we can show you exactly how this works. You take a projectile. It goes in the sling. Okay. And we can cock it backwards, and this is the ready-to-fire position. When I let go, this arm's gonna swing around, the sling's gonna come around, and it's gonna shoot this little wad of paper, just like that. With more weight or a bigger projectile, you can make it go further, shorter, and you can adjust the angle of release by changing the angle on that pen. -Now, tell us how people get these and what price. -People get these by going to our Kickstarter page, if you go to, or even more easily if you go to That's S-I-E-G-E-T-O-Y-S dot com. We've got a big link on the top of our page. You can go to our Kickstarter page, pledge to support our project, and it's about $30 for one trebuchet.

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