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CNET News Video: Shop with your phone, not your wallet
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CNET News Video: Shop with your phone, not your wallet

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This holiday shopping season, you may start to notice more and more retail stores that feature Google Wallet readers and other high-tech scanning devices at the cash registers. It's a new way to pay for your purchases using your smartphone, eliminating the need to whip out your wallet. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports.

At some stores across America, you no longer need to do this but rather this. Introducing Google Wallet. The Google Wallet allows us to make the check out process more convenient and efficient for our customers. May just walk up to the cash rep, tap their phone and they can hang out with the rest of their day. The Gap Inc. Family at stores which includes Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy is the latest national chained audition Google Wallet. The Gap joins other major retailers like Macy's, Subway, Walgreens in a new high-tech way to pay. We are always looking for ways to improve our customers' experience this just being one of them. Google Wallet relies on what's called a newer field communication to connect the smartphone with the reader that similar to how bluetooth and Wi-Fi works over the air. Right now, Google Wallet and its app is only compatible with one Android phone, the Sprint Nexus S 4G but the technology also works with Google Prepaid Cards and (handles?) other credit cards. While Google is the first big name to enter this market. It's starting to face competition from companies like (Isus?), Square and even Tech Giants Apple. We're gonna start (saying?) more, more phone on how this technology. And, with Google behind that, this is something that could get pretty big. It's not going to replace paying with the credit card. They're still gonna be able to do that. It's just one more option for paying. None of the customers at a San Francisco Banana Republic had tried Google Wallet but all embrace the idea. Well, I found that very practical and I would tell to trust that. It's very convenient, of course. That would be easy and fantastic. Experts say this kind of system can revolutionize the way we shop. In San Francisco, I'm (Cari De Bois?), ( for CBS News.

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