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CNET News Video: Shelby.Tv: The video you and your friends care about

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CNET News Video: Shelby.Tv: The video you and your friends care about

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CEO Reese Pacheco talks about how he envisions the future of video curated by your friends and being the single destination for it

Hey, everybody. I'm Molly Wood from CNET.com, here at South by Southwest 2012. It goes on, the second market recovery round. Yeah, Brian Tong with CNET as well, and joining us today, we have Reece Pacheko, founder and CEO of Shelby TV, a video prior to really kinda collects the videos that appear on your social networks. But for people that don't know about you guys, can you honestly des... Describe it and tells what it is all about. Sure. Yeah, I love video, first of all. My whole team, we're just like we lo... We watched a lot of videos. Us too. Yeah, you're video freaks?. Yeah. You know, there's so much great consents out there, but yeah, it's a... It's a little hard to get through all of that, right? How do you find the good stuff and so, we look at the people around you, is the best curators for you. So, I want to think that Shelby is my place for my video and we start by, looking at my friends on Twitter and Facebook, I mean pull the videos that they share, all into Shelby and it's both the web App and iPhone App, iPad App, and we're on Mobile Web. But our real goal is you got smart about what you like and don't like. We wanna basically understand your preferences as a video watcher, and say hey. You know what, you might like more of these videos from (Ali?). You might like more videos from Reece. So, you have an interest here, how about some more stuff here, and the be able to recommend great videos for you, in a number of ways. But the goal is not to create more noises, create more signal. There's ton of contents out there. So, it's about getting the good stuff to you. So, want... So, at first, when you're at Shelby. You are just getting... You're seeing like all the video that your friends on this never exposed? Yeah, exactly. Right now, you know, at first and right now, and just the way it probably works right now. You sign in, you're gonna see videos from Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, if you're authorized with those services. Our goal in the next few months, has start to build out, sort of our social videograph. We're... We're gonna understand what you like and be able to say, hey, you know what? If you're... You're looking for more videos on this certain area, here's how you can find more. So then, you will try to see video that wasn't just from your friends? Yeah, exactly. Exactly. But always with the social relevance of some sort. You know, this is coming through your friend of a friend. Yeah. This is coming through because you like this video from your friend. Here, you might also like videos like this. For me, I never go to YouTube and hunt and pack and click videos. Well, I like... Yeah, either do I. You know, I mean, look. There's... There's a lot of great content there, and... And, but for me, I don't wanna go just explore YouTube. Now, one of the things also, as a part of this whole team, I'm sure you guys are finding new ways. You're gonna tweak the algorithm, what's worth for people or what's not. Where are some of the challenges with that, with... You know, how are you guys really targeting and into... What's the video of that someone like me wants to see? Sure. It's tough, 'cause you know people tried your recommendations before and a lot of people will say that during recommendations, you have to improve by 10X in order to really have an impact on the user. We find that the social filter by looking at videos that users have shared, that's the great improvement, because it filters out a lot of crap. You know, the... The after you watch a video, those suggested videos. User kind of not more what you want. Like if I want to watch... You know, Charlie bit my finger, I don't necessarily wanna watch 30 more baby videos, is 'cause I want to have that one conversation with my friend. Right. I mean, I laugh about that one thing. So, it's trying to figure that out. So, for us, it's... It's looking at all the data that we can collect. Collect as much as we can. Trying to get smart about it, and then try to make sure we message the user correctly when we present it. I think, that great example is that Target article, recently. Did you guys see that? Yeah. About a girl who's marketing too, as if she was pregnant and the father came in and yelled at the Target's (??) 15. Yeah. It was like, how dare you market her, and they were like... They were like, sorry our bad. And then it turns out, she actually was pregnant, 'cause that's how smart Target is about their users. So, how does this a better experience because at right now, from our Facebook, I see the videos that my friends are posting. Sure. How do you say to the user, this is better than getting a video one at the time? So, our big thing is we think that video deserves it's own space. Deserves it's own place, right? It's a different consumption, than text, or than photos. I can be online with my e-mail and scan my Newsfeed in... In Facebook really quickly. I can pay attention to Twitter, just with a quick scan. But once you commit to a video, you're committing your full (band?) was to watching that usually and so that's one... Once again, I know it. I wanna be there. So, Shelby's creating an experience. I think that there's power and just being focused on videos. So, making sure that one, we do it right for the user, who is in Facebook, and maybe wants to get through all their Facebook stuff and not commit to free videos, we're giving them a way to watch that later. So... It's like a video playlist at the end of the day? Right, exactly. We have a lot of users who loves to open up on a Sunday morning. Anyway, we got a couple of features that help with that. One is our Watch Later button, so is a Bookmark with... That, if you're on a YouTube page or on Vimeo page, or any of those supportive video players, you click that, and it then pulls that video into your Shelby Feed and then later on, when you're on your iPad or your iPhone, like okay cool. I got time to watch this now. And then we also, we took that a little bit further and built in what we're calling Video Radar, which is a common extension that we launched last week, and it's basically picks that video for you on a page automatically. So, as soon as you're on a page of videos, that says hey you wanna add this and your watch later or do you wanna watch it here and like it right there. So, Shelby's not collecting your video for you all over the place, but getting you that spot to... To watch it later. So, what are the economics of that because obviously, sites monetized their video. How are you grabbing a video unto that run? So, right now, as a small start up, we don't wanna pick fights with the big guys. So, what we do, but wanna pick the right fights. So, right now, we pull the ads through, so for pointing YouTube video, you will see the YouTube ad, and we're not getting any caught of that. We just say, we wanna create an experience. We think there's a lot of value and the space, so we're gonna do what we do and we have a few ideas around revenue malls for later. But right now, anybody who's got an ad, it plays and we just kinda deal with it. So, you know, you're here at South by Southwest, what would be maybe some of those rev models, like that you know that... That are curious for you that... You know, that you would try with this? I mean, I... I look at... You know, the video spaces still really (nasance?), still really young, still growing. I look at content is changing. So, I see... You know, advertising any video of all of it, right. I think, you know, we've seen a couple recent changes and how ads are displayed in video. I don't think they're great. I think they're clever. On time out like this all thing. You know, instead of watching purely, you can now enter in a word to get passed in. Yeah, right. Right, right. You're still interrupting the experience, if you're watching that video. How about trying to bring me more relevant advertising, which is essentially content. If you look at a lot of big brands, their shifting ad dollars to mo... To content creation. So, the thing is if you got a bunch of users, and you have a pretty good idea of what you like. Yeah. You can do better. Exactly. I mean, there's some ads that I love. I mean, there's certain stuff that's really great and that's 'cause they... They create great stuff. So, is that implied about Shelby would want to potentially create content that serves as an ad generator for these videos you watch? Is that what you're implying? So... So, as... As part of a model? We've joked that. If all else fails, we're just going to video production, and my creative services consulting, 'cause we have an ideas like that. But no, that's not the goal. I mean, really, we think we're building a valuable technology that's gonna help marketers understand users better and understand how to get relevant video to right people, whether it's a... A cool movie trailer that you can't sit on TV or it's... You know, old spices latest campaign, which was crazier. So, how did you encourage that kind of viral video if what the most of the video that you're getting is from your friends, like are you... It seems like the sharing gets a little bit more limited, right? If the university got smaller. The university gets smaller, the sure is... Yeah, true. Does the video you see is not... You're not gonna stumble on as much video. There's a chance, see... That was not what. There's a chance that you're not gonna see the most popular video on YouTube but that's okay. I mean, there's stuff that I missed. That... That's okay that I missed it. But at the same time, there's stuff that I... Well, when I find out that really stuff for my friend shares at me, like wow cool. You know, (Honey Badgers?) is a great example. From last year, right? Yeah. (Honey Badger?) blew up just before (South Pie?). I remember seeing that video really, really on. It was so cook, it's that why I want to share it, and then I became part of that really viral trend. And if you are, you are. And if you're not, you're too late and so be it. Yeah. It is what it is. Yeah. Well, good luck with anything. Are you announcing specific things here at South by Southwest. The smile in, you guys should choose, it's obviously. I know you're somebody like... Can you like... Bring it on. Something like a little bit. Short sleeves. A little like... A little (??). We can't keep a secret. You can't keep a sec... Absolutely. Well, the cat's out of bag now, actually. No good. Bring it on. So, so we can tell you what's going on. So, we didn't think on ProjectGoats.com. Sounds ridiculous, 'cause it is. But there's a Twitter character name, (FakeGremock?) and he... He's a great sort of personality and we actually, we're able to get him to South by Southwest and do these really selected interviews, with great start of people. We filmed it all and we're gonna be showing it on Shelby and it will be on ProjectGoats.com. See that whole dream contenting that I referred to. So, you are doing contents, I know. But without... It was marketing. All right, good luck with everything. I'm a... I'm a fan, so I'll be watching. Thank you. Cool. Thanks, Reece. Thanks. You can find all these interviews and much, much more, of course at CNETTV.com.

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