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Sesame Street passes 1 billion views on YouTube, Ep: 112: Crave

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Crave: Sesame Street passes 1 billion views on YouTube, Ep: 112

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This week on Crave, The Count counts YouTube views. The DRM chair self destructs after eight sittings, and sex up your iPhone with Sexy Smarty Pants.

Big guys happy Friday big guys Friday let -- -- -- here's what's happening this -- because it's great loss. Sesame Street counts one billion views on YouTube and came junk -- Boom drops -- -- and came BA supreme groups and with the so. Sesame Street reached a major milestone recently when the official Sesame Street YouTube channel passed one billion views. And what better way to celebrate this gigantic number than to have the count count all the -- on the. Okay. I. Why don't -- million you'll you'll you'll look in honor of the occasion Sesame Street compiled a one billion views playlist featuring some of its most popular videos. Click on the -- to check it out. And DRM's shares a self destructing c.s that can only be sat on a limited number of times before it destroys itself. The chair was created over the course of 48 hours for a global project called the deconstruction. Bringing the concept of digital rights management into the physical world. You can find out more about the deconstruction project at the deconstruction dot org and -- as an organization that -- truly fuel build something to kill us all in the future and this time it's a robot called big dog that won't help you with cinder block. Big Dodgers and altering cyber canine veteran military use which -- recently -- -- -- to pick up -- -- very heavy objects. -- other DARPA funded robots include the robot bison. In the robot shield which is currently the fastest land robot -- Is your iPhone not sexy enough to hold in sex it up would -- Smart pants undies from spend time. And now for some quick news hits. EA's recent launch of sin city has been a complete disaster. Server problems have led to countless gamers battling error messages and randomness connections. And many users have reported losing entire cities to crash is costing hours of time spent building in the game. You could read EA's official statement at the link. According to a survey conducted by mobile insurance dot co dot UK you spend about 43 days a year on your Smartphone. That adds up to 32815. Minutes a year or -- -- point eight days. Over the course of the average person's entire life that's 1414. Days or three point nine years staring into your Smartphone. The Hubble space telescope has spotted -- space invader in space. This image was taken in infrared light by hubble's wide field camera three which captured a very suspicious looking object. Are we not alone in the universe. And finally FaceBook is changing its news feed. Again. So what else is new. -- -- the FaceBook news more fun by holding its very own Photoshop Mark Zuckerberg contest. Here's some of the masterpieces submitted by -- the CNET readers. The father of the year award goes to -- user Darth Denny 42 for building an X wing fighter bunk bed for his -- and five year old mean -- so jealous. Force is strong and the school. Eric -- that is the show -- you very much for watching to find all these news stories at cnet's crave blog crave dot cnet.com and while you're there check out this week's crave giveaway we're giving away five magazine subscriptions from Xenia. Go to the blog and enter to win it. Welcome to ten -- for -- -- -- As is going. -- -- starts with the didn't go to -- with the city. -- his right his wife. Pyongyang that's. -- love and basketball shining sun's. Time just route is NDP -- most -- -- No one else does the --

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