Tech Industry: Sennheiser MXW1
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Tech Industry: Sennheiser MXW1

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From the floor of CES 2008, Tom Merritt takes a first look at the Sennheiser MXW1 wireless headphones using RF technology.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Hi. I'm Tom Merritt, editor from at CES 2008. We're taking a look at the Sennheiser MXW1. These are wireless headphones. Good thing about them is they actually use RF. It's 2.4-GHz RF called Kleer, so no compressions. This is lossless audio coming from these wireless headphones right here. Pretty nice headphones, you know they got some due heckys to make it more comfortable in the air. They also come with a bunch of cool extras. Charging unit here, you put the earphones back in, press the button and they re-charge on the go. This doesn't have to be plugged in. They say it'll be good for three cycles and then when that runs out, you can put the whole kit caboodle and plug it in to your USB port on your computer or it does come with an international adaptor for plugging it into the wall. Also has a handy carrying case, and then the transmitter here can attach to anything with the normal headphone jack. So, you've got it back here on the back of an iPod Nano. It's a little bulky for my taste, but if you're getting lossless audio I'm willing to put up with it. They say it will run $599 and be available in May of 2008. Once again, it's the Sennheiser MXW1. From CES 2008, I'm Tom Merritt. ^M00:01:14 [ Music ]

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