Quick Tips: Send text messages to a landline
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Quick Tips: Send text messages to a landline

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Your recipient doesn't even have to have a cell phone for you to text them.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:06 >> Tom: Ever need to text message somebody who doesn't have a cell phone, I don't know, maybe you forgot to tell Grandma where her medication is and you're in a movie theater you can't text message her, right? I'm Tom Merritt from CNET.com, here's a quick tip on how you can send a text message to a landline. Now, this is actually just discovering a feature you probably didn't know you had. Sprint and Verizon allow this on their networks in the United States, check with your local carrier to see if they also permit it, if they do, it's simple, write your text message and include the landline phone number in the TO line, the text message will be sent to a special service, which converts it into voice mail using text to speech technology. You'll get a confirmation message telling you how much the message will cost to send and asking you to text message a one-time confirmation for that number, from then on any text to that number will be automatically sent. On the other end the person picks up the phone and hears your message read out to them. >> Grandma Vicodin in top drawer. >> Tom: They can even choose to record a reply back if they wish, then you'll get a text message confirming they got the message and letting you know how to access their reply. Thanks to Stephanie for sending us an e-mail of tipping us off to this, that's it for this quick tip, I'm Tom Merritt CNET.com. ^M00:01:21 [ Music ]

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