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Scosche BoomBottle H20: A sporty, tubular waterproof Bluetooth speaker: First Look

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First Look: Scosche BoomBottle H20: A sporty, tubular waterproof Bluetooth speaker

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While it has its sound limitations, the downsized version of Scosche's original BoomBottle is a pretty decent little wireless speaker.

[MUSIC] This is the Scosche BoomBottle H2O. A fully waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker. That comes in a few different colors and fits in the water bottle holder of your bike. It's the middle model in Scosche's line of sporty Bluetooth speakers. And carries a list price of $99.99, but could be had online for a little bit less. Hi I'm David Carnoy and this is a pretty decent little wireless speaker. Last year Scosche put out the original boom bottle which you can get for a little over $100 online. It's basically double the size of this one. Instead of being waterproof it's merely water resistant. However it does have a built in speaker phone. Which is a nice plus. Particularly if you plan on using this while riding your bike. So there are some trade-offs going with this smaller model. It doesn't sound quite as good as its bigger brother. And leaves off the speakerphone. But it is easier to tote around since it's basically half the size. It also promises slightly better battery life, 11 hours as opposed to the BoomBottle's ten. That's pretty good. As I said, it's water proof and is ready to be submerged in water down to three feet for up to 30 minutes. The caveat is you have to make sure the ports are properly sealed off. There's a lid that covers the micro-USB charging port and the audio input, that's there for non-Bluetooth devices. To make that lid easier to lift up, Scosche has added a little strap, which I did appreciate. A metal grille covers the speakers 50 millimeter driver. And it's worth noting that I did manage to dent it, when I stuck it into a bag with some shoes and other gear. Luckily the speaker sounded no worse for the wear. As far as the controls go, there's a power button on the front along with a volume up, down buttons that are raised and easy to operate by feel. If so you actually do have the speaker tucked into the water bottle holder on your bike. With no pause, play button or transfer controls on the speaker, well, you'll have to use your smart phone or tablets control playback. I thought the speaker sounded comparatively decent for its small size. Particularly with less demanding acoustical tracks. That said, you shouldn't expect it to produce MIDI bass. It's going to come up sounding a little thin with techno and hip hop tracks. For casual listening outdoors, I think most people will be fairly impressed. In the end while the speaker doesn't offer the sound quality or maximum sound output of a more premium canister cell speaker like the UV Boom. It does cost significantly less. The [INAUDIBLE] BoomBox Travel, which costs around $50 and the BoomBox Outdoor, which is right around $100. Are arguably slightly better values. At least, at this moment. But the BoomBottle H2O is a [UNKNOWN] speaker. It's worth a hard look. [MUSIC] Particularly if you see it selling for closer to $80. I'm David Carnoy. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]

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