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First Look: Samsung UN46B7000

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First Look: Samsung UN46B7000

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Although its picture quality can't quite live up to the high price, the Samsung UNB7000 series is a technological and design tour de force.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Hi, I'm David Katzmaier, senior editor with CNET.com, and I'm sitting next to the Samsung UN-46B7000, the middle size in a three-size series. They're all the same except for screen size. These TVs are extremely thin. That's kind of their claim to fame. They're only 1.2-inches thick. So when you look at them from the side, they kind of disappear. That's because they have LED -- edge-lit LED technology built into these TVs. It's a lot more expensive, but it's also relatively energy efficient compared to even standard LCD TVs. So it's kind of a benefit of the LEDs. Styling on this TV, aside from the thinness, is really slick. Around the edge of the screen there's this nice, red kind of border. There's also a transparent border outside of that. The stand matches perfectly. There's even this transparent stock here on the stand, which swivels nicely. So it's all very high-end looking. Features on this TV abound. You'll find plenty of interactive features. There's the ability to go out and stream videos, photos, and music from network PCs. You can access any of the content that's stored on the TV itself, and the coolest new feature is Yahoo widgets. This TV can go out on the Internet and utilize these widgets, which include weather, finance. There's even a Flickr widget. You can browse the Flickr photo site. And more widgets will be forthcoming, so it kind of updates whenever the new widgets come out. And that's all available via the Ethernet connection on the back. So this is a pretty well connected TV. On the back panel, you'll see the connectivity is really flush with the back of the screen, although there are a full a complement of inputs. There's one, two, three, four HDMI inputs, along with a PC input, one component video input. If you go into the menu, you'll find adjustments as esoteric as gamma. There's also the ability to play around with the 120-hertz dejutter. It's a great new feature where you can adjust the blur reduction and the jutter reduction independently of one another. And we really like this feature because it allows you to get, still, the film-like look and not have that fake looking dejutter, but also have the ability to keep the blur as -- you know, down as far as possible on a TV like this. Other picture quality characteristics, we did like the relatively good black level performance on this TV. The off-angle viewing on this TV is also not all that great. When you look from either side, the picture gets washed out and discolored. There's also a little bit of uniformity problems. Some of the areas of the picture are brighter than others. On the flip side, the color was very good on this TV. Color accuracy was superb, and we loved the ability to make all those adjustments, and overall black level performance was pretty darn good. So you don't lose too much for having those LED backlights on the side of this TV. Anyway, that's a quick look at the Samsung UN-46B7000 and the B7000 series. I'm David Katzmaier. ^M00:02:40 [ Music ]

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