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First Look: Samsung Transform Ultra (Boost Mobile)

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First Look: Samsung Transform Ultra (Boost Mobile)

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The Samsung Transform Ultra brings you Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a QWERTY slider, and Mobile ID packs, without a contract.

If you're looking for an Android smart phone with a keyboard and no contract then you might wanna check out Samsung Transform Ultra for Boost Mobile. I got my first hands on look at this phone at CPIA earlier this month and the phone remains a pretty likable no contract smart phone for Boost. Now Boost general excuse for a younger more style conscious set and the Transform Ultra looks pretty good with a couple of metallic accents and the sun textured back cover that gives it a little more oomph than an absolutely smooth black or gray surface. The phone itself runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread on an interface that's more or less stock Android. It's really easy to go around as a result. One thing that's different is that the addition of mobile ID. This is a variation on Sprint ID which features all this ID packs that bundle together things like apps, wallpaper, ringtones and shortcuts. All based around a central theme. It takes a long time to download and install so just know that before you get into it. The Transform Ultra has Swype installed is the default virtual keyboard which is a nice option to have around but if you don't like it you can always switch to the Android keyboard. The screen is a 3.5. In truth that's pretty compact. There are 4 physical buttons below the screen and they're very nice and responsive. I like using them a lot. It's got a slide out pretty keyboard as I mentioned. The keys are a little bit flat for my taste but they do bounce back after you press them. On the front there is the VGA camera for video chats or self portraits. On the back there is a 3 megapixel camera. So those were not that good on the phone unfortunately if there was a really long shutter lag and the bus pictures were taken in direct sunlight otherwise it could be a little grainy and the colors could be a little off. Beneath the back cover is the MicroSD card slot and that holds up to 32 gigabytes in external storage. The Samsung Transform Ultra cost $229.99 about a contract. Overall it's pretty satisfied with the phone the call quality was pretty good. I was able to type on the keyboard. So if you are looking for a no contract phone with a slide out (cruise?) keyboard then you might wanna look at this one. (Jessica Alcord?). You can read the full review and much more on (??).

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