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CNET Update: Samsung to show off smartwatch next week
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CNET Update: Samsung to show off smartwatch next week

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It's a busy season for Samsung with the unveiling of Galaxy Gear, a kids tablet, and the Galaxy Note 3. Also, Facebook launches shared photo albums and more channels come to Apple TV.

The time is near for Galaxy Gear. I'm Bridger Carey and this is your CNET update. The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch has been confirmed it's real and it will be shown off at an event in Berlin on September 4th. Samsung's Executive Vice President of Mobile spilled the news to the Korea Times, but here is the thing. It's called a concept device, doesn't sound like it will be ready for primetime this year, but at least we can see what Samsung has in mind for wearable tech. Samsung will also unveil the Galaxy Note 3 phablet at the same event, and Samsung has something for the kiddies as well. It just announced the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids. It's a table built for children and it comes with preloaded educational apps, games, e-books and safety controls for parents. Among the controls is the ability to set time limits for how long a child can use the tablet. It will have 2 cameras, one in the front, one on the back. It comes with an easy to grip Stylus pen and a stand to prop it up. There are a number of Android-based tablets designed for young children such as the MEEP! by Oregon Scientific, and Toys 'R' Us Toys R Us has its own called the Tabeo, but this is the first time a major tablet maker is designing its own for children, and it could be a big seller considering people trust the Samsung brand. We don't have a release date or price, but most kid tablets cost around $100 to $150. Facebook has a new feature called Shared Albums. It lets multiple people add photos to one single album. It's sure to be helpful when you want one place to put all the photos from a group trip or an event like a wedding. Keep in mind that contributors to a shared album can only delete and edit their own photos that they uploaded and privacy settings offer the option to let it be private between those in the group, viewable with friends of contributors, or public. This feature is slowly rolling out to all users. There's more to see on Apple TV. The box can now stream music videos and concert performances from Vivo. Roco and Xbox Live already had the Vivo app, but Apple ups the ante with additional access to Vivo TV. It's a broadcast-style 24/7 channel. Apple also added the Disney Channel and Disney XD which you can't watch unless you prove you have a cable TV subscription. There are also on-demand clips from the Weather Channel and the Smithsonian Channel. And looking ahead, the latest Xbox One rumor is that the new system may launch November 8th. That's a week before the PlayStation 4. The news comes from the blog, Kotaku, which bases this on a date that was said in a meeting with Wal-Mart employees, but it's not confirmed yet by Microsoft. That's your tech news update. For more details, head to and follow along on Twitter. From our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey.
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