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First Look: Samsung Tint

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First Look: Samsung Tint

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The Samsung Tint is fine for occasional cell phone users, but frequent callers and texters won't be pleased.

[ Background music ] >> Kent German: Hi I'm Kent German Senior Editor here at CNET.com. Today we're gonna take a first look at the Samsung Tint. This is a new phone from Metro PCS. The Tint is a very basic phone. There's really not a whole lot going on in terms of features. Has a pretty simple design as well. A little bit larger than a lot of basic phones, a little long here. Feels light on the hand though almost a little too light. I felt that the phone just feels a little bit plastic in some areas, especially the key board and key pad. If you're using this phone occasionally, you're just making calls every once in awhile, or texting every once in awhile not a huge deal, but I think frequent texters will really find the keypad a little uncomfortable especially if they're banging at it constantly. Here on the front there is a external display. Pretty small for the phones overall size but it shows just everything you need. Also works as a view finder for the camera and shows photo color ID. You can see the camera right here. Here on the side there's a volume rocker. Over on this side you'll find a 2.5 mm headset jack. There's a charger port. It is Samsungs proprietary connection and there's a combination camera shutter and a speaker phone key so you can turn on the speaker phone before making a call which is always nice. Inside find a 65,000 color display, pretty acceptable on a phone of this caliber, just a VGA camera phone and pretty basic as I said so not too bad. If the phone had any more features we'd expect a 260,000 color display. Colors looked ok. The display is relatively bright but graphics and photos won't look very sharp. Key pad and controls as I mention the key pad had this little plastic feeling. I wouldn't really want to be a frequent texter as I find the keys just a little bit uncomfortable. I really like something with a little more grip. Also the navigation controls, they are pretty flat with the surface of the phone. They are spacious though so you'll find a toggle here with an OK button in the middle. 2 soft keys, the talk and end key. Talk and end keys are especially large and a clear key. So spacious but a little slick and very flat with the surface of the phone. Inside you will find Bluetooth and voice dialing so those are a couple of features that not a lot of real basic phones have but it does have a personal organizer, a speaker phone and messaging. [Background music] But overall pretty simple, just really for making calls and sending messages. I'm Kent German and this is the Samsung Tint.

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