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First Look: Samsung SGH-A117 (AT&T)

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First Look: Samsung SGH-A117 (AT&T)

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Though the speakerphone didn't quite measure up, the Samsung SGH-A117 is a solid choice for a prepaid AT&T Go phone.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:01 >> Hi I'm Kent German, senior editor here at CNET.com. Today we are taking a first look at the Samsung SGHA117, it's a new phone for AT&T service. What we have here is a very basic phone, no-frills, no excessive features, camera anything like that. It's simple for making calls, sending messages and basic organize replications, it's also very [inaudible] go prepaid service so really it's for those basic calling functions. Simple design, functional, just have a black color scheme here, very small flip phone, pretty light as well, do have an external display which is always nice, sometimes the basic phones don't offer that so this is a great thing, you can always see who's calling. It is Monochrome but it shows all the necessary information. Not a lot of features on the side, just have a volume rocker here and the charger port on the side. Couldn't help but notice that the casing felt just a little plastic, kind of cheap, so we were afraid of dropping the phone a lot but if you are not going to be using it that much it's probably a good phone for you. Inside internal display is sixty five thousand colors, which is about average these days, a lot of phones go up to two hundred and sixty two thousand, but still shows colors well and you can see graphics and everything like that, so again very good for this type of phone. Navigation array is very standard, Samsung has a square toggle, okay button in the middle that also opens a Web browser, couple of soft keys, talk and end key and a clear key. And then down to the keypad buttons, these also felt a tad plasticky[SP?] At this, a tad cheap but they were fine, they do have some definition, they are raised above the surface, numbers were large and there is a bright backlight as well. So dialing in situations wasn't a problem and we can dial by feel as well. Overall than very simple, basic, functional user-friendly phone, nothing really exciting about it but it's great for just making calls when you need it. I'm Kent German and this is the Samsung SGHA117.

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