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First Look: Samsung SBH170 Bluetooth Stereo

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First Look: Samsung SBH170 Bluetooth Stereo

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The Samsung SBH170 stereo Bluetooth headset has a comfortable fit, easy-to-use controls, and reliable sound quality.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> Hi, I'm Kent German, senior editor here at CNET.com. Today we are going to take a first look at the Samsung SVH 170 Bluetooth headset. This is a stereo Bluetooth headset, so you can use it for making calls and for listening to music with a phone that actually supports stereo Bluetooth as well. Design may seem a little weird at first, you don't have a normal head thing going over, the cord actually connecting them is designed to wrap around itself so the headset does actually fit into a nice compact shape, you can actually fit right in this case which is included, so it's very convenient and portable for carrying around. Put the headset on, might seem a little strange at first, you can just pull these apart like this, each of these cords are designed to fit right over your ear, just put it on like this and you are ready to go. The headsets very comfortable, it's very light but the cord connecting them maybe a little small for some users so when actually when I tilted my head back I could feel the headset just pulling apart just the tiniest bit, but over all it's very comfortable, light and I didn't mind having it on my head for a long time. And I do like that it has phone pads that actually rest on your rather than anything that actually sticks in, not really a fan of those. The headsets controls are easy to master, you have a sliding cover for the charger port right here, next step is in on, off switch, you have a music player button for a fast forwarding and rewinding music, a play and pause switch for the music and a volume rocker. Finally on this site is a multifunction button for pairing the headset and also for picking up and ending calls. Nothing on the side, so you want to worry about controls over here. Finally there is a small led light on this side as well. The headset doesn't come with any differently sized pads, some users might find this a little too big but they are only, about an inch wide so didn't think it was too much of a problem. Overall though, pretty good sound quality and a nice compact shape that's easy to wear. I'm Kent German in this is the Samsung SVH 170. ^M00:01:41 [ Music ]

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