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First Look: Samsung S2 Pebble

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First Look: Samsung S2 Pebble

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The Samsung S2 Pebble is a simple, cute MP3 player that offers a super affordable price tag, good sound quality, and some compelling extras. It's a great option for those who like to wear their devices pendant style.

[ background music ] >> Hi, I'm Jasmine France, senior associate editor for cnet.com, and I'm here today with the Samsung S2 Pebble, and believe it or not this is the front of the player. Now that's because this is actually meant to be worn, and also you can see it looks like a little polished stone. And what I like about the fact that this is the front is that it could actually almost pass for a pendant, more so than a lot of other wearable electronics that I've seen. Now flip it around to the back here, and this is where you'll find the majority of the controls. As you can see there's no screen on this player. You just have play, pause, volume, track shuffle, and then the smart key which can shuffle through a few options such as shuffle mode and on the go play list mode, as well as a couple of sound enhancement effects. It's nice that it has a couple of extra features, even though it has no screen. Now if we turn it back around to the front, we'll see one of the other notable characteristics about this player, and that's a glowing LED just beneath the outer casing of the player. And this just helps to indicate which mode it's in. It has a couple different colors that'll glow based on whether it's in shuffle mode, or if you're switching modes, or whatever. And that's pretty much it, other than the headphones that come with it, which of course, and unsurprisingly are lanyard style headphones. Now the great thing about this player is that it's really inexpensive. This is only gonna set you back forty bucks from Samsung. And it also comes in a couple different color options. You have a nice shiny deep red color, and a purple and a green and a white, and they all have this really nice kind of marblesque type finish to them. If you're looking for a wearable player that actually looks kind of stylish, I would think that this is a good option. You get one gigabyte of memory for that forty bucks. But without a screen, that's really all you need. [ background music ] I'm Jasmine France, and this has been the Samsung S2 Pebble.

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