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First Look: Samsung Replenish (Boost Mobile)

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First Look: Samsung Replenish (Boost Mobile)

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It's got Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a QWERTY keyboard, but besides that, the Samsung Replenish is one of Boost Mobile's most affordable smartphones.

If you are looking for an affordable Android Gingerbread phone that's got a QWERTY keyboard, then the Samsung Replenish for Boost Mobile might be your phone. I'm Jessica Dolcourt for CNET and we're gonna take a first look. Now, the first time we saw the Replenish, it was for Sprint. This is as I said an Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone. It's a little bit on the small side as far as the screen is concerned, 2.8 inches up there. So it does make it a little harder to read things and to touch but for typing, there is this portrait full Qwerty keyboard here. It's a little plasticky but it's very usable and I had no problems typing on it. Now, the phone specs are a little bit on the lower end of the scale. There's a 600 megahertz processor so the phone was a little bit laggy at times. So it also has 2-megapixel camera. Photos outdoors were actually pretty good for what you get but they're not going to be absolutely fantastic or mind-blowing in any way. Another thing that this phone has is it's interesting Sprint Mobile ID. So that's gonna give you a gallery of things like wallpapers, ringtones that are around the theme. As I mentioned, it's got Android 2.3 Gingerbread and with the exception of this Mobile ID right here, it pretty much looks like your default Android screen. The phone is also made from recycled materials so you can feel good about yourself when you get it and it is pretty affordable for Boost. Boost is a no-contract carrier. The phone costs only $99.99 which definitely makes it one of the most affordable Android smartphones that you could get with the network. I'm Jessica Dolcourt. This is Samsung Replenish for Boost Mobile and you could read the full review and all other reviews at CNET.com.

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