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CNET News Video: Samsung Reclaim launch event
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CNET News Video: Samsung Reclaim launch event

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Natali Del Conte shows us the new eco-friendly Samsung Reclaim from the product launch in New York.

>> Natalie: Hi, I'm Natalie Del Conte with CNET News and we're here at a Sprint conference in New York where they've announced the Samsung Reclaim; this is an eco-friendly phone that they're claiming comes in more eco-friendly packaging so we're gonna un-box it and verify that. The Samsung Reclaim comes only with the phone, the charger and a small user guide. Samsung claims to have skipped a bulky user manual instead pushing users to the web for more information about the phone. >> Using the material that they have they can make this phone -- it can be any phone it can be sort of a low-end phone for the masses which actually this one is kind of more of a messaging phone but, you know, it's not gonna take much for them to take this up-market 'cause it's actually the materials and not so much the software, so I think that, you know, over time maybe we can see all phones coming out that are made out of really good material for the earth. >> Natalie: And what are the other carriers doing in terms of eco-friendly efforts? >> Well, AT&T has launched a recycling program, there are other manufacturers that are doing a lot of stuff too like, for example, Sony Ericsson has a really big push to get all of their products to made out of recycled and sustainable material, so I think it's a trend, you know, it's trendy and I don't know, you know, and that kind of bugs me I hate things like that but at the same time, you know, it does make you feel a little bit better about buying a new cell phone. >> Natalie: Some of the features on this phone include a button that shows when the phone is fully charged so you can take it off the charger. It also has a Green glossary and some Green tips for a more eco-responsible lifestyle. Other than that a pretty standard messaging phone. It costs $49.00, we're gonna have a full review of this phone here on CNET but for now this was your first look. I'm Natalie Del Conte with CNET News. ^M00:01:47 [ Music ]

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