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First Look: Samsung MyShot II SCH-R460 (Cricket)
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First Look: Samsung MyShot II SCH-R460 (Cricket)

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The Samsung MyShot II doesn't have the best camera, but it's not a bad phone otherwise.

>> Hi, I'm Ken Sherman, Senior Editor here at Today we're going to take a first look at the Samsung My Shot II, also called the SCH-r460. This is a new phone for Cricket. Very basic design. A little bit of red color, though, here on the bottom, so it makes it just a tiny bit unique. External display is a little small, but it does show everything you need. It also works as a view finder for the camera and will show photo color ID. Here on this side, you'll find a volume marker. And the charger port is right below it. Luckily, it is in the marker USB format, which is becoming a standard. Up here is the 2.5 millimeter headset jack. We really prefer a 3.5. But this isn't a real music phone. So we'll let it pass here. Here on this side, you'll find a camera shotter. And down below, you'll find a micro SD slot for the memory card. So it's nice that they put this outside. You don't have to go behind the battery or the battery cover to access that. Inside, display is pretty standard. Average color, average resolution, but it is pretty bright and it shows photos and graphics relatively well. Menus are also easy to master. Come in a couple styles, but you can find everything pretty quickly and easily. You have a very spacious toggle here with an OK button in the middle. You find a couple of soft keys here to add a [inaudible] speaker phone key and a dedicated key for music player. These keys are flush as well, but you get a lot of room, so we didn't have any trouble using them. Above the keypad buttons, you'll find the talk and end power key, along with the keypad buttons. They are raised above the surface of the phone. So pretty tactile. We could text and dial easily. Pretty easy to use in the dark, as well, thanks to the backlighting. And you could dial by feel. Phone doesn't have a real intense feature set. It has a 1.3 mega pixel camera. It has a very basic music player. Personal organizer options, Bluetooth, voice commands and dial and a voice recorder. So really this phone is about just making calls, sending messages. Camera is OK. Photo quality isn't the best. But if you need a phone, it offers a little bit more than what most Cricket phones offer. Isn't a bad buy. I'm Ken Sherman, and this is the Samsung My Shot II.

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