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First Look: Samsung LN52B750

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First Look: Samsung LN52B750

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The Samsung LNB750 series can't beat the picture quality of the best plasmas and LED-based LCDs, but for a conventional LCD, it's one of the best we've tested.

[ music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Hi I'm David Katzmaier with CNET. And this is a Samsung LN52B750. It's one of three sizes in the B750 series. There is also a 46 and a 40 inch, and this review does apply to all three sizes. This TV is one of Samsungs better non-LED backlit TV's. It uses standard fluorescent backlights, but it does still produce a pretty good picture. It doesn't have that thin form factor of the edgelit LED's on Samsungs line. However, this one's a standard. Seen from the side it's about 3-1/2 inches deep. So if you want that really, really ultra thin look, this is not the TV, but it's still pretty darn thin. The styling on this TV is pretty standard; it's glossy black on all four sides. There's really no touch of color on this TV. It doesn't have that kind of color accent that a lot of the other Samsung models do. It does have this nice kind of clear around the edge of the screen and also around the stand, and the stand does swivel. Feature set on this TV is quite extensive. There's a 240-hertz refresh rate, so it refreshes faster for less motion blur. It also has dejudder processing that's adjustable on this set, which is a nice touch. There's also plenty of ways to play around with the picture. You can go in and adjust the gamma, color, temperature, even color management systems. So overall features are very extensive. TV's also compatible with Yahoo Widgets, which are little internet content nodules, such as Twitter, sports score, weather, news, information that sort of thing. There's gonna be a lot more widgets coming soon, but this TV allows it to use these widgets and download new ones from the widget gallery. Around back you'll find three HDMI inputs, as well as two component video and a PC input. The side panel adds a fourth HDMI input with plenty of overall connectivity. In terms of performance we really like what we saw on this Samsung TV. We went to that dejudder processing before. It actually does a pretty good job of being able to separate the dejudder from the actual anti-blurring. So you get that anti-blurring effect without having to deal with the smoothness of dejudder. We like that. We also really like the Blackwell performance, again for a TV that doesn't use LED backlights, still very nice deep black, color accuracy, again very good on this set. We really found it hard to complain about much on this TV, although didn't really like the glossy screen. That's a quick look at the Samsung LN52B750. And I'm David Katzmaier. ^E00:02:12

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