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First Look: Samsung Knack SCH-U310

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First Look: Samsung Knack SCH-U310

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If you want a functional, user-friendly cell phone for making calls, the Samsung Knack SCH-U310 for Verizon Wireless is a great choice.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >>Ken Sherman: Hi! I'm Ken Sherman, Senior Editor here at cnet.com. Today, we're gonna take a first look at the Samsung Mac. This is a new phone for Verizon Wireless Service. This is a very basic phone. No camera. It's really about making calls and sending messages. This phone is designed for mainly people who are a little new to cell phones or maybe designed for younger people or maybe some seniors, has a simple in-case-of-emergency button which you key to program to call anybody and also a dedicated 911 button as well. On the front, we have an external display. It just shows the time, battery life, exactly what you need. Here on this side, we have some unique touches. We have a couple of buttons and a couple of ports, but they're different colored. Here at the top there's a headset port. It is 2.5 mm so we prefer a 3, but 2.5 is great. It's a very big improvement over any new kind of proprietary connection. And here in the middle, we have a toggle for getting voice dialing and also for calling voice mail. Inside the phone, pretty nice display, not the best resolution, but you expect that on this caliber phone, but the really great thing is that Verizon has done away, at least on this phone, with that standardized menu system that we've really grown to dislike over the past few years. So this is a very simple interface, press that button and so you just have six choices in a simple list format. You also have big text as well, which is nice. You can change the text size, big numbers down here on the key pad and in the navigation array. Phone does have a couple extra features, special organizer options, has voice dialing, so that's always a nice touch. But this is a very basic phone for making calls, but it does so well. I'm Ken Sherman and this is the Samsung Mac SCHU-310. ^M00:01:32 [ Music ]

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