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First Look: Samsung Jet

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First Look: Samsung Jet

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The Samsung Jet is a powerful multimedia phone with decent performance and a few welcome user interface upgrades. But don't mistake it for a smartphone.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:02 >> Hi, I'm Ken Sherman, senior editor here at CNET.com. Today we're taking a first look at the Samsung Jet. This is a phone that Samsung introduced a couple of months ago with the Samsung Omniant 2. While the Omniant 2 is coming to the US eventually for Verizon, this phone in its present form isn't optimized for US networks. It supports 3G but it only supports 3G networks used overseas. It is a GSM phone, so it is a world phone so you can make calls, but some of the higher end data functions aren't available. We decided to test it anyway because it's a pretty nice multimedia phone. Don't mistake it for a Smart phone at all, but it does have some high-end multimedia features, does add Microsoft exchange servicing team, and is a pretty nice phone all around. This does have a Samsung touch less interface. Of course what that is is you have a bar here on the side where you can program a bunch of what's called widgets. These widgets give you access to certain functions. You can drag them out to the main screen to maximize them and you can leave them there if you'd like. Or you can drag them back and keep them on the bar. Touch less is pretty nice in the way that it does allow you access to all these things up front. Our biggest complaint with touch less was that we've had in the past we still have is that Samsung limits you to certain widgets. So pretty broad array, but you have to choose from what they provide. A bunch come on the phone, you can also download new ones, but you can't create your own. This does have touch less 2.0, which offers a few new features that we haven't seen before. One is a multi page menu design, so it's very much like the iPhone or the Google Android phone. You can just swipe your finger like that, it will go back and forth. You can populate these home screens with whatever widgets you want, so you can personalize it in that sense. On the main menu, it's a little bit of a different story. See you can get there like that. You can see that there are 3 pages here as well. These pages aren't customizable though as far as what icons go where you can't remove them, you can't move them around and you can't add new ones where you'd like. So that's one that I wish was a little consistent all around. Couple of other things that come with touch less is we have what's called media gate, which is a six sided cube that comes on the main screen giving you access to all the multimedia functions. Use your finger to flip the cube around, you can access certain things. Kind of cool, but it's not totally necessary. I feel fine accessing most of these features on the main menu, but anyway. It's there if you want it. You also have what's called motion gate and that uses the phone's accelerometer to perform certain functions. You can insert features by shaking the phone like this, you can tap the top, you can tilt it from side to side. Otherwise, the display is very nice, it's very bright and colorful. 16 million colors, so very rich graphics, photos, anything like that. You have icons down here on the bottom, which are pretty standard. They give you access to the keypad, which is a phone dialer keypad, which is pretty much the same as you see on other Samsung phones. It does have a virtual keyboard, you can use it in vertical mode for alphanumeric keyboard or you can tilt the phone on its side and you get the full-corded keyboard. Spacious enough that you shouldn't have any problems with it. 3.5-millimeter headset jack here on the top. There's also the micro USB slot for USB cable for synching the phone or for charging. And I see that Samsung gave us the standard cords for both of these. Another unique feature is if you lock the handset and then you go to unlock it, you can't press this icon down here at the bottom but you can program the phone with a letter that you can draw on the screen, which will unlock the phone. So that's another unique thing. Camera lens here on the back, does come with a bright flash. Very bright at least in the center of the photo, around the edges not so much. Also, but I did like the red bar design here on the back. It catches the light just so you don't always see it, but just a nice touch. Inside you'll find a 5-mega pixel camera, takes really great photos, has a huge number of features. Media player for video and music, blue tooth WI FI and of course the Microsoft email synching, which is a nice touch. A great media phone. It is going to be a bit expensive because it's sold unlocked here in the US. It's going to be about 525 dollars. Again, not a Smart phone, but it does bring a nice assortment of new things to the table. I'm Ken Sherman and this is the Samsung Jet. ^M00:03:38 [ Music ]

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