MobileCon 2013 (Fall CTIA): Samsung Instinct
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MobileCon 2013 (Fall CTIA): Samsung Instinct

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At CTIA 2008, Kent German shows us a new cell phone by Samsung and Sprint that is set out to be a big iPhone competitor.

^B00:00:00 [ Music ] >> Hi. I'm Kent German, senior editor for I'm here in Las Vegas at CTIA 2008 to show you the Samsung Instinct. This is a phone that Sprint and Samsung announced. It's also called the SGH-M800. You might notice that it looks a lot like a certain phone from Apple. You can see that there is a lot in common. They do have that. It's almost the same shape, a very dominant touch screen. You can see you have a home key. You have a call button. And you have a back key. If I press that home button, that goes to a favorites menu, a menu that can program all your favorite functions, so you can decide what goes in there. On this side you have a camera button, a voice-dialing button, and a micro SD slot. In the back we have a camera and a self-portrait mirror. No flash at this point, but it's a two-megapixel camera. A couple of things have changed about the web browser. You press the camera button and you tilt the phone back and forth, it has what's called a panning method so the screen will actually go up and down, and if you pan it to the side. One thing that the Instinct has, which is really interesting, is it does have visual voicemail. Now, it's not working on this phone, so I can't show you what it looks like. But Samsung does promise it will be like iPhone's voicemail, where you'll be able to go in, choose which messages you want to listen, and manage them. They are calling it Visual Voicemail as well, with capital "V"s, and they're excited to see what it looks like in the final product. Interesting device, definitely. Not sure of pricing yet, but of course it will be out with Sprint. I'm Kent German with the Samsung Instinct. ^M00:01:15 [ Music ]

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