First Look: Samsung Instinct S30
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First Look: Samsung Instinct S30

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The Samsung Instinct S30 has its good points, but Samsung and Sprint missed the opportunity to make a better device.

[ Music ] >> Hi, I'm Kent German, senior editor here at Today we're going to take a first look at the Samsung Instinct S 30. This is the new revamp of the original Instinct. Of course it is for Sprint, and made by Samsung. Actually, they took something very important away. So I can't say this really brings enough new to the table to make it compelling. Overall, pretty similar design, little more rounded corners. I like the look over all, it's less boxy than the original instincts, still has a nice feeling in the hand. The display is almost the same. It is a tiny bit bigger. You don't really notice the difference that much, and it's the same color resolution, the same pixels, has the same menus. Exterior features are the same as well. Inside you'll find many of the same features, a personal organizer, a GPS with front navigator, stereo Bluetooth, speaker phone, e-mail, messaging, e-mail just about the same, it has that pop 3 support. And the Imat 4 support if you're using outlook with it. Web access, also you find a 2.0 mega pixel camera and a full HTML browser. The quarti keyboard is virtual, it looks exactly the same, the dial pad is the same as well, so you'll see no changes. Couple things that are added. There's an alpha browser now. You do get the instant messaging and the calendar and contacts, thinking out of the box. So a couple of nice things there, but it's really outweighed by the fact that this phone is actually EVD rev 0 instead of EVD rev A. The change is not huge, but you will notice slower download and up load speeds. If you're going to buy this phone you're probably going to be using them a lot, so that is a difference and it's important, and it's one I'm really disappointed by, because I used to think that this is a second generation device, they should have kept it the same. I don't know, I can't understand why they lowered that. So disappointed to see that. Overall, the Instinct S 30 certainly adds a couple things, but does take some important things away. So can't really find it that compelling had compared to the original model. I'm Kent German, and this is the Samsung Instinct S 30. ^M00:01:48 [ Music ]

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