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First Look: Samsung Conquer 4G (Sprint)

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First Look: Samsung Conquer 4G (Sprint)

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Though you sacrifice some higher-end features, the Samsung Conquer 4G gives Sprint customers a solid 4G smartphone at an affordable price.

-If you want a 4G, but wanna pay a fortune for it, then you might want to pay attention. Hey everyone, I'm Bonnie Cha, senior editor at CNET.com and I'm here to bring a first look at the Samsung Conquer 4G. Believe it or not, this is Sprint's 25th 4G capable device, but it's the carrier's first 4G smartphone to start at less than $100. Cost $99.99 with a 2-year contract then 50-dollar mail-in rebate and with taxes and everything else, it will probably over 100 bucks, but I think it's still a pretty good value. It offers a pretty decent design and it's not too big or too small and has a textured back so the phone doesn't feel too plasticky. On front, you get a 3.5-inch 320 x 480 touchscreen. It's not the most advance display out there, but considering the price of the phone and it's also to be expected plus it's clear and bright enough to get the job done. Size-wise, it can get a little cramp when viewing web pages and using the virtual keyboard, but the display does offer pinch-to-zoom support, a built in accelerometer, and the Swype keyboard which helps. Aside from the screen, there are couple of other trade apps for the lower price tag. One is that you're getting a 3.2-megapixel camera instead of 5 or 8-megapixels and struggles a bit when taking pictures in no light. Also, you only get a single core processor instead of a dual processor, but I found it still to be a very snappy phone. The Conquer's next gen 1 gigahertz Snapdragon processor and it's been very responsive so far. If there are lags, it's been very minimal. Plus, you're getting a deal for a price. It's running android 2.3 Gingerbread with mostly stock android interface. You can customize the phone with various Sprint ID packs if you want. The phone also is an overloaded with bloatware, which is a good thing. Of course you're getting the 4G support as well as mobile hotspot capabilities. Sprint's WiMax network covers about 71 markets in 28 states right now and got decent coverage here New York. The data speeds are little bit up and down, but average around 5 megabits per second down. So, I was able to browse the web and stream media painlessly. When it comes down line, I think that conquers a great value. Yes, you're giving up a few things and if you wanna have the dual core processor and the advanced screen, I'd recommend looking at the Motorola Photon 4G and HTC Evo 3D for Sprint, but if you can live without those things, the conquer will give a you a solid feature set, good performance and nice design for an affordable price. The Samsung Conquer 4G will available starting August 21st and this has been your first look at the Conquer 4G.

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