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CES 2012: Samsung announces smarter TVs, 55-inch OLED TV

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CES 2012: Samsung announces smarter TVs, 55-inch OLED TV

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At CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Samsung executives reveal the company's latest strategy, which includes the launch of a new 55-inch OLED TV, as well as smarter interactions with TVs. Users will now be able to control their TVs through voice and gesture controls.

speaker 1: Introducing the Ultimate TV and a CES best of innovations award winner, the Samsung 55-inch super OLED TV. Speaker 2: Right. Speaker 1: She's a beauty, (Joe?). Speaker 2: That is a beautiful TV. Speaker 1: You know, we have a rich history of developing OLED s for products such as mobile phones, digital cameras and tablets. In fact, Samsung makes over 90% of all OLED panels worldwide and reviews that experience to really create a true break through with the super OLED model, from picture quality to design to performance. This is TV you dreamed about and you know what it's coming this year. So, Joe, can you help me explain a little bit about why we call it super. Speaker 2: Super. Samsung Super OLED technology distinguishes itself by eliminating the need for a color filter. Each OLED pixel consists of its own RGB sub pixel and emits its own light. Details are visible even in the darkest of scenes and the super OLEDs ultra fast motion response time virtually eliminates blur to deliver clear images even in the most action packed moments. It's also amazingly thin. It features an ultra slim bezel. The image almost appears to float in the air. We didn't stop though with amazing design and astounding picture quality. This TV includes all the features we mentioned earlier, a built in camera and microphone for motion control, voice control and face recognition, a blazing fast dual core processor so you can multi task and naturally it's a 3D TV. part of our strategy in 2012 is to provide new ways to access and control it. We will deliver that today with smart interaction, a new milestone in Smart TV. Now, we're able to connect and interact with our Samsung Smart TVs just like we interact naturally using voice, gestures and face. Let's take a look. Speaker 3: (??) TV, channel up, channel 2, web browsing, Black Eyed Peas tour. Speaker 1: Pretty closed up I think.

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