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Crave: RocketSkates blast past the old roller-skate tech, Ep. 165

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Crave: RocketSkates blast past the old roller-skate tech, Ep. 165

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Smart rocket skates are the future of roller skating, and might save you during the next sharknado -- coming soon.

[MUSIC] Hey guys, my name is Stephen Beacham for Crave and I wanna go to this party. [MUSIC] One of the most anticipated movie trailers of the summer was released this week for Sharknado two. Featuring some major stars like comedy writer Benjy Bronk. Celebrity Jeopardy champion Mark McGrath. Today show host and Howard Stern's best friend Matt Lauer. And, of course, Ian Ziering and Tara Reid. Check out Sharknado Two: The Second One, coming to the Syfy channel, July 30th. Let's go kill some shark! Sharknado 2: The Second One. NASA's Voyager I spacecraft has been traveling through space for 37 years now. So, you can imagine, it's way out there. Way out there enough, in fact, that scientists believe it has reached interstellar space, located near the edge of our solar system. During its journey Voyager one has been hit by a number of coronal mass ejection which are shockwave caused from massive violent eruptions from our sun. By using it's 37 year old cosmic ray and plasma wave instrument voyager has sent signals back to earth that help prove that the space craft has reached interstellar space. Scientists can tell this because the thicker plasma in interstellar space oscillates at a thicker rate than the less dense plasma in our solar system. And produces a different frequency when hit by the sun's shock waves. This recording as sent back from Voyager One. What you are hearing is the sun's shock wave bouncing off the Voyager spacecraft making the surrounding space plasma sing. [NOISE]. Scientists have discovered that mustard plants ready their defenses when they hear an incoming threat. Researchers recorded the sounds of caterpillars munching on plant leaves using a special laser microphone. They then played the sound back to the plants before introducing a caterpillar to eat the leaves. What they found was the plants would begin to secrete more mustard oil, a compound that's toxic to caterpillars, prior to the caterpillar attack. Caterpillars react to this chemical defense by crawling away. So, using vibrations to enhance plant defense. Could be useful to agriculture, said Heidi Appel,a Senior Research Scientist from the division of Biological Sciences at the University of Missouri. So let's set up some speakers on the farm and play back sounds of insects eating plants, and then we won't have to use pesticides. Ok, let's see what else is going on. Harry Potter's 34 years old. Kickstarter now has a bunch of food projects because of a dumb potato salad. These robots are programmed to dance to Gangnam Style, okay. Bay Systems is developing this Transformers like place which is pretty cool, it like splits into pieces, I think that's neat. Oh, here's something new, innovation in the roller skate industry. The future of roller skating is finally here, and they're called Acton R rocket skates from the California based Motorized electric skate company Acton. Acton founder Peter Treadway has a dream that everyone will be cruising around at 12 miles per hour on his rocket skates. The skates go on over a pair of shoes and are pretty easy to walk in, even going up Stairs. It contains four powerful motors that propel you forward when you simply tilt the skates forward. To slow down you lean back and put your heel down. There are three different models to choose from, each with increasing range and battery life. For increased fun time. The Rocket Skates come with an accompanying smartphone app for tracking your distance and skating route and for also playing games with other Rocket Skate users. You can even use the app to remote control one of the skates, much like an RC car. Acton has an open SDK for developers to produce more apps for the skates. And they blew by their Kickstarter goal in 24 hours. So, you can bet your bottom dollar you will see people rocket skating around your hood soon. You can pre-order a pair, right now for $399 on Kickstarter. Alright guys, thanks for watching the story. As always, you can find all these stories on Crave at crave.cnet.com. Make sure you follow Crave on twitter at @crave, and check out this week's Crave giveaway. This week's Crave giveaway is a gift pack from mobile accessory maker Tech21. Get a rugged, shock-absorbing Tech 21 case for the Samsung Galaxy S5, plus a $50 gift card from the accessory maker. Go to the blog and enter to win. [MUSIC] What a bloody blue shark [MUSIC]
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