Crave: Rock out with the Firefly smart guitar pick
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Crave: Rock out with the Firefly smart guitar pick

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The Firefly Pick is an excellent way to produce a tiny light show as you rip some serious guitar solos. The inventors of the Firefly Pick swing by the CNET studios for a live demo and show us how it shreds.

Hello my name distribution for CNET and I'm here with the inventors of the firefly LED guitar pick. -- Williams and Peter. -- right welcome guys for coming. And so this is a prototype. Of the firefly -- -- guitar pick. And it actually has a built in polarism inside of it that learns your playing styles that can -- -- tell me a little bit about how it works. Yeah well it's got -- excel or under it which senses playing motion either picking your strumming. -- after slow and that excel robber drives the bank of LED NS -- -- so that I -- router. Essentially that creates a link between the lights and the music that's being played. Which with. The nearly instantaneous response times means that it can kind of -- we -- you slow down your -- -- speed of -- the flashing light -- the rhythm of the music. Pretty smoothly. So how did you guys get the idea to make this -- Smart -- Well we were talking about how to make and LED guitar -- Kind of undertaken LED guitar -- idea and just make it blow minds we're just talking about it launch Monday and we found -- sensing -- like. -- -- and now and having had. You know finger can have that -- known -- thinking like flashing guitar plays that and we wanna take one step further you know have liked. No event and we guitar pick a flash is an instrument and we had a generic rechargeable lithium ion battery for -- to think -- -- -- -- -- It -- but I mean the core idea was that. There's not really a lot of lighting -- facts out there that are so intimately tied to music I mean this is. Impossible to separate from the rhythm of the music. Possibly just thought that would be really cool addition to. That sort of options that are out there for creative lighting effects. So this is a tiny -- How are you guys able to fit all the electronics inside this thing is plus. So if the afternoon and your parents about their all the electronics and that it and then board -- -- being and the battery have to often time. Yeah ninety united ignited in person has a really long time ago -- that. Worked out and NASA we have a fifteen millimeters battery inside me and my -- really thin -- forward if for example this is the new prototype of cancer or -- -- going to be the production thickness that I mean if you northern component the board itself is a quarter millimeters thick. And the a prototype boards about one point five -- thicker than submit and -- third Boardman Andy. I have continued to have. Offers resting. Okay. What is the battery life. On the page along the battery lasts along with -- to charge you speak. Truth. The battery life is really dependent on you know how -- we have -- -- if there's you know if you do you know. 95% of the power and the plane you know and the plan. There's an you know like a lot of faster and they're meeting all faster mean currently -- now you can view the gate you know when -- throughout the way. Told the audience little bit about the kick starter now mind you guys right well you can finally kick starter. -- -- dot firefight -- dot com. That probably he's way to get through our goal is 30000 dollars but don't while we're at 80% funded and -- Two weeks two weeks left everybody. Go to kick starter figured out it's important firefly pick. It's often thinks that you -- for permanent. Would appreciate -- The firefly pick on kick start everybody check it out.
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