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Ride with style in the Bentley Mulsanne: CNET On Cars

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CNET On Cars: Ride with style in the Bentley Mulsanne

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This episode of CNET On Cars features the Bentley Mulsanne and all its iPads, plus five cars that will divorce you from gas pumps and Bluetooth streaming made simple.

-- and comfort him crazy cabin -- Step into -- -- Fed up with fuel we've got the top five ways to wean yourself of that -- Technologies to Oracle lousy driver they work. And -- Easy cars different -- on the road under the hood but also check the tech and are known for gently. The good the bad bottom line this -- CNET -- bars. I'm Brian Cooley welcome to CNET on cards this is the show all about high tech cars and modern drive it. I've heard about a hundred cars a year to report back to you here may be -- difficult to drive as the Bentley -- then. Not that it's missing an automatic transmission -- power steering all those conveniences. But you see you have to media card dash Ian. To deal with that -- you gotta love attention people are constantly flagging it down rolled out the window how much does that cost flipping you off the whole -- Once you deal with that you get in the -- -- and you're presented with some incredible technology integration. Eventually -- plan named foray -- on the LaMont race course she's evening for a car that is. Some sixteen week long. Some three tons of -- -- 700 foot pounds support this. In many -- as the ultimate Bentley. An artist says some of the most -- tech you'll find -- any vaccine on earth. Let's drive this 2012 people's land and protect content. Now the -- that is far less known Bentley compared to the continental GT which is in every rap video and CEOs driveway from coast to coast and around the globe. This -- a rarer bird but has some similar athletic lines including. This very coupe like deep pillar back here and also this kind of powerful -- line back here which is a Bentley signature they caught the power line or something. -- bottles and thousands of yards away by its very evocative giant dual headlights reaching back to the look of Bentley is in W those days. And the fenders and quarter panels -- all these complicated creases and shapes. Are largely -- -- because some nice aluminum forming on this car. -- can be used as a car -- drive but they can also be a card which you are driven. That's what the -- comes -- phenomenal let's go do what you may think is your usual. Picnic table in the jaguars have these but it's not just a picnic table -- it is powered but if you push this button on the corner. We have the optional integrated I've had with the wireless keyboard pretty slick. And of course the iPad -- three G is what's got its own connection but that's part of the -- where this is primarily clever statement more than technology. Now the other -- -- -- technology in this car lives in the center console. We don't have all the good is what we do have our own climate system our own reclining massage seats. And -- and get. A cooler back here basically a champagne and -- with a frosted glass front door. That has the bottles painted in such a way that a partly consumed -- walls built CH he's gonna love -- -- -- also got a remote here so you can run the front -- I can change the channels I can change the volume I can drive the first drove people knots. And this is -- all the toys folks if you get the theater option you end up with a fifteen point six inch center display that shows that he. Here and all that ties into the car's system AM to a Mac committee -- -- in the trunk. And it's connected wirelessly. And -- that's not enough everywhere you look here and in the front ice cast metal polished ashtrays. There's another world. And behold -- examined the usual technology in this badly let's examine the tactile technology. As they like to say everything that looks like something in this car. Is what it looks like leather obviously -- leather polished steel this is actually polished steel isn't quite glass covers on some of these buttons. They're -- -- are glass and even these little holes here for the -- They feel they -- pulling some kind of a valve back there over the air but they're actually not that -- electric switches but they did add them to feel. Like they're pulling a valve in an older car -- -- into the real hardcore -- by pushing the screen buttons and double 07 ask. You get a -- blue screen many don't recognize that as they slightly older Audi interface. Eight inch screen non touch got a -- to answer here he got little mushroom button in the middle you can move around it's just a little bit too fussy for my tastes. Four buttons around here that correspond to -- menus in the corner of the screen. And then of course -- dedicated buttons around it. All the major media sources no art without apology you've got everything -- want in this car Bluetooth streaming AM FM with HD radio switch a -- Satellite radio. Over here you've got your option for -- CF six disc CD to SD cards. And then if you wanna hook up other options here in this nicely lacquered lined -- You've -- -- little pig tails it goes to the -- media interface and this one for examples for IOS devices older IOS devices of course. Plays dvds as well when your park and you got good meta tag information wall streaming at least on my Android four point oh point four device on -- day of shooting. We have the optional name audio system -- in English stuff gives us twenty speakers around the cabin twentieth 200 watts of power. However the problem with -- highest audio systems it really are high resolution is they make low -- sources and crappy here I'm looking into satellite radio rear camera is good nothing cutting edge here though it gives you some trajectory gives you distance and you can also change it up. To -- for either alignment of parking. Oh by the way check out the tech that -- anything odd about it. The Red Line 4500. Rpm what is this that UPS truck. That's the kind of wrong they'd built -- that motor it's not about -- it's about low end torque from the get. So here in the back. How old marbles and it. One element and six point 75. Liter. Twin Turbo V doing 505. Horsepower and 750. To what pounds of offer. -- -- up for three normal cars. You've got to have that though because this guy -- damn near 6000. Pounds. Getty gets to sixty in -- -- five point one seconds. The downside is the MVK 1118. There is a gas guzzler tax as you might imagine and they were averaging about seven in the real world. Another interesting note about these guys are all hand built old Steve Brown put this one together. Hopefully -- had a fire prove they predicted when this car is running you can't touch anything north of the doors. If you hit a pedestrian perhaps you're gonna kill -- or -- A by the way this car has cylinder and the activation they can set a few of them now when cruising to save gas. Imagine what it would consume -- it did its. -- -- -- -- Driving this car on that was driving part -- as much as it is being transport. You're so separate from the world of the road which has its ups now. It has massive power of course but you've got -- yourself from so many years and is automatically -- it's in sport mode like I haven't found. It always feels pretty not ready to wrong. And this -- porpoises quite a bit as you get the power on forever the -- is rearing up and dropping down which is. Old school thing. That said it feels light on its feet -- the kind of card that'd -- it. Know what this -- is really about. It's about changing the very nature about getting from here to -- the way you know in other cars is completely different in this car. -- almost derived energized. From the experience of driving traffic and also -- that -- that are really good job of making a cohesive. Design language across this -- visit consistency of quality -- -- out for this price their better -- Don't insult it's a car that transports you. More than being about drive wrong it doesn't do a whole lot for me as a driver's card asking a lot of it this car wants to be uses a motor. Sports car. Okay we're gonna price this guy -- better -- Basis 345320. Gas guzzler tax 3700. Destination 2595. To -- the iPad on those powered picnic tables with keyboards and a wireless hot spot as well add 336. -- really goes CNET style and step it up to what they call the theater -- That includes all iPad package but also the big drop down center screen. -- that champagne fridge a 64 gig iPod Touch and a Mac mini in the trunk that lives in its own electric power draw war. Wireless keyboard and mouse that raises the option total to 58000. Dollars and now you're somewhere north of 409. Now you don't have to drive a Bentley to have high ipads matter to the back for proof. My colleague Wayne Cunningham on ipads in the back of a city of -- Yellow line. Go to CNET on cars dot com for a link it's actually a very useful tutorial. Now that told -- before I've -- a lot of driver assistance technologies lately cars now can break for you steer for you accelerate for you all in the name of avoiding collisions. And it's clear from my experience these systems do work the question is do they help. That's on the line of this morning. Linked to -- your systems. They warn you. You drift across the lawn blind spot sentinel or to cars or motorcycles you don't -- back there. Adaptive cruise control maintains not just your speed but also a set distance from cars ahead at that -- And forward collision avoidance systems step on the brakes when you're about to. Like a lot of bad driving cured right. But researcher -- -- at state phone points out a few issues the systems don't all work the same way when one manufacturers car breaks skiers -- -- to help you. Could be very different from another manufacturer. Some systems remain on others need to be re engaged every time you start to talk. If you become dependent on the system -- -- jump and a car without them you may be more likely to have a list. And lastly crash avoidance technology could only do so much to prevent anthrax you can always overdrive it. A recent insurance industry study found that forward collision avoidance -- result in about 14% to replace compared to similar cars would help that techno. On the other hand lane departure warning systems are actually associated with higher rates of accidentally of -- probably has to. Having these technologies and relying on -- to be two different things. Coming up Bluetooth two ways -- gasoline free driving five away. Welcome back to CNET on cars I'm Brian Cooley you know nothing has changed the nature of technology in the cabins of our cars like Bluetooth. Bluetooth hands free has utterly revolutionize the nature of calling while driving. Almost made it halfway safe. Now -- next trick is to revolutionize audio music with Bluetooth streaming. It's becoming nearly ubiquitous and it's our car tech 101. A Bluetooth streaming it. Technically known as 82 DP. Advanced audio distribution. Profile. What is that. UC Bluetooth is full of profiles one handles the transfer of your phone book -- -- -- One handles the Bluetooth call the audio back and -- This profile handles high fidelity mono or stereo streaming from a device to your car in this automotive case. You initiated the same way by -- a phone like you do for calling my phone's been -- here I have telephone abilities -- as you can see I'm also playing audio from this device on to that screen. There I am playing music on my phone -- the same music on the screen. It's coming over at high fidelity sound exactly echo of the screen it's a different technology but I am able to do a couple things get the sound from here to the car no wire. And I can -- control remote control in other words the car's buttons can control the phone's audio playback. If I hit the next track button here on the car look what happens -- -- ahead -- the next track on the phone and vice Versa. -- -- the profiles working inside of a two DP is ADR CP audio video remote control profile -- allows this not transfer of control back and forth it also handles metadata. Metadata is just track information artist name track title it shows up here it shows up there that's because the metadata got transferred to the car. You definitely want that some of the labor 82 DP systems don't use that part of -- VRC -- that let me. Now -- about fidelity I told this is high quality streaming but high quality is a funny word. You see within the a two DP profile there is the ability for these two devices the car the phone to negotiate a bit rate. In other words how much data are they -- -- to move the music between the two of them. That may be lower than the bit rate of your music in other words he gets -- is coded down transcoding using good -- isn't good -- but that can happen sometimes. And -- the music is gonna sound. Perhaps worse that if you're listening to it without this wireless connection through let's say earbuds that typically sounds. Fine you're already probably playing compressed MP threes off your phone so it'll go all audio file on. This is about convenience and getting realize. Now 82 DP Bluetooth streaming becoming pretty common in cars are quite stated but when you -- Bluetooth hands free calling you typically find Bluetooth streaming. A two DP works for both iphones iPod touches Android devices. Anything that has Bluetooth streaming technology it's kind of a lingua Franca for wireless music what. Now while Bluetooth streaming is kind of the new thing you can. To that old thing that you drive they make Bluetooth streaming adapter kits that plug into the aux Jack on your existing car stereo. Go to cars dot cnet.com. And you'll find our reviews of the good ones. Coming up a bit to show you five cars that you don't want it you might forget -- don't -- I guess we'll. -- on cars can. 1964. The world's fair at flushing queens and the jet age is in full swing. American auto makers are eager to tap -- day. -- -- Chrysler does the -- with their turbine car. With a production run of fifteen actually delivered to consumers. Spinning at 44000. Rpm and able to burn almost anything. President of Mexico -- is -- to keep the turbine engine was unlike anything on the road but not ready for prime time. Flash forward to. Today on the jaguar CX 75 concept car uses a pair of turbines to spin generators fast enough. To power 778. Horsepower worth of electric motors and wallet may void your warranty has just been loaded on to keep the cost about forty bucks -- -- Welcome back to CNET on cars and don't worry we're not gonna waste any good tequila. Or even burning gasoline for that matter. Because our top five this time around is of cars that -- no -- fuel. In fact it's a list I couldn't even done a year ago. Top five electric cars that are ready for prime time from major manufacturers. I'm gonna -- these guys by my impressions having driven. Four of the five also give you their range and miles and there MPG eat that's the miles per gallon equivalent to -- EPA number. We'll also see -- their MS RP before tax credits let's go. Number five the oddly named Mitsubishi I need a range of 62 miles and BG 312. This one barely makes the cut because I don't know of an American consumers are ever gonna embrace the looks of this electric Easter -- It also feels uncomfortably close to a golf cart when you're driving it but I gotta say it is fun to drive. Like your perennially approaching the eighteenth hole and it cost under thirty grant plus your -- it will never complain about your room. Number four the Smart electric drive range of 87 miles MP EG a hundred. This is the newest car on the list it'll also be the cheapest within MS RP around 25 great. But I'm mostly excited about it as sort of our redemption for the Smart Car. Which should have always banned and electric car. I -- -- its current gas engine its truly one of the awful driving experiences in the world this conversion may -- -- Number three the Nissan -- Range about 73 miles MP GE 99. Belief is the pre is the DV it's not in sales but it's charmingly odd look urban nature and strong execution. You'd be surprised by its luxurious drive manners cool cabin tech and Smartphone -- But I slot at number three because the looks of this. But little -- Barney. And it lacks the fast charger were about to see in -- number -- Which is the Ford Focus EV number two by L whisker ahead of the -- range of 76 miles MP GE 105. Pushing forty -- and it makes one say -- -- focus. But the car looks great leverages the underpinnings of a great compact car already has a sporting your demeanor -- the -- It's also got this fast charge technology that can do a full charge. In three to four hours on a 240 outlet that can mean hours less on the nipple and against its competitors. Before I get to number one I can tell you it's not going to be the Chevy Volt the disc -- -- You -- -- or not. The electric cars in the purest sense -- range Extenders -- use a combination of electricity to drive them but also gas engine to generate electricity. I'd call that a separate list for another time except. There -- bottom rank. Canaveral on electric cars ready for prime time without a doubt has to be the Tesla model -- range of 140 miles on up. MPG -- 89. And it's the first EB two -- and car of the year. It looks hot goes like hell has great -- And can be optioned up to around 265. Miles on a charge. Check out its 17 inch central -- screen rewrites the rules of cabin tech. On the other hand the model and starts close to sixty grant and if you want the 265. Mile and -- -- -- eighty and up. Still this is the car that doesn't just accomplished an electric convert that the new level for the. I'd consider joining CNET on cars if you wanna subscribe to a feed of the show had to our site CNET on cars dot com and you'll find the links for RR SS and iTunes seeds right there while you're there wanted to follow us on Twitter if you haven't already. And then -- get my updates from the field as we shoot segments in between episodes. Thanks to cars do we react here in court Madera California. I'm Brian Cooley I'll see you next time we check the --
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