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First Look: Reheating with the GE Profile Series Countertop Microwave Oven

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First Look: Reheating with the GE Profile Series Countertop Microwave Oven

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This high-capacity microwave can reheat almost anything at the touch of a button.

Hey, CNET. I'm Ry Crist, and this is the GE Profile Series 2.2 cubic foot Countertop Microwave Oven. This is a very big microwave. It's got a 16-inch turntable inside of it, and a lot of space to it. So, you're gonna need a lot of room in your counter. But it's a very good microwave. It's got power to it, it's got some smart settings. And we were pretty impressed with how it cooked. I'm not sure that it's enough of an upgrade over the standard microwave we probably have already. They justified the cost, though. This thing is $359. And if you want a little bit less, you can get it for $309 without the stainless steel finish. In terms of its cooking power, it does a pretty decent job. It behaves like most other microwaves. It will make popcorn, it will make frozen dinners, it will make Hot Pockets. But it doesn't do it a whole lot better than the average microwave. And that was a bit disappointing. One thing that we were impressed with, though, was the fact that it's got moisture sensors. These can detect how much steam is escaping your food, and then, automatically cook it for the right amount of time. So, you just put the thing in, hit one button, and it will do the rest. With reheating this did especially well. So, if you have leftovers you wanna cook, this is a great microwave. We tried out Little Caesars Pizza that was neither hot nor ready, and it did a great job. It made a really good, gooey, melty pizza that we enjoyed eating. And it also did well with bigger-sized entrées. It took advantage of the high capacity. We had a big tray of enchiladas, we had Salisbury steak, we had cheddar potato casserole. And it was able to figure out how long to cook all of them. And that was very impressive to us. However, you have to remember this is a $359 microwave. And that's a lot more than other upgraded microwaves we're looking at. It doesn't have convection or inverter tech. It's just a basic microwave that has these moisture sensors and have a lot of capacity to it. So, if that's enough for you, if you wanna cook a lot of food for a lot of people, and do it pretty easily with those sensors, it's not a bad microwave. But we've seen microwaves from other brands, like Amana, that also have moisture sensors and can automatically detect your food's cooking time. And they cost a lot less. So, I'm not sure that I can recommend this microwave. But still, I was impressed with it. I like using it. So, give it a look and see if it's right for you. For CNET, I'm Ry Crist.

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