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CNET Top 5: Reasons to buy the iPhone 4

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CNET Top 5: Reasons to buy the iPhone 4

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We offer five powerful techniques to help you explain your obsession with Apple's iPhone 4.

If you�re like millions of other lemmings, er, people, your only question about the iPhone 4 is: White or black? I�m B.C. with another CNET Top 5: Reasons You Just Gotta Rush Out and Buy an iPhone 4 Even If It Means Choosing Between Heating Your Home or Feeding Your Children. #5: Better antennas. OK, this one is really boring, but what cell phones do is really magic: A tiny battery powered radio in your hand does voice calls, emails, texts, loads web pages and streaming media and now does video calls by talking to a tower up to several miles away. iPhone 4�s antennas are now right on the outside -- but without being one of those goofy external jobbies we had in the 90�s. And, they might even functions as a handwarmer� #4 Two cameras. The main one on the back is now 5MP, and there�s a tiny new one on the front for video calling. It shows you to the person on the other end while you see them on your screen. And Apple�s Face Time app promises to make the whole process easy and pretty. You gotta� have an iPhone 4 on both ends, and its not like we need ANOTHER technology to enable self-absorption, but you know this one�s gonna� be a crowd pleaser. #3: Multitasking. OK, consumers don�t waltz into cell phone stores with �multitasking� on their lips, but they do ask for fast & powerful. Multitasking does that. It lets the iPhone 4 truly do multiple things at once and that feels fast. Like with the two cameras Apple is actually playing a bit of catch up this feature, but when Apple plays catch up it�s called �innovation�. #2: HD video. The iPhone 4 can not only shoot 720p HD video, it can also edit in camera with a mini version of iMovie, and upload directly to YouTube, Mobile Me, MMS, etc. This sort of thing is really Apple�s strong suit but even if they made a hash of it, wouldn�t you love to have a phone that means you can stop carrying a Flip video camera with that goofy little USB dongle? #1 Retina display: This whole business of 326 PPI resolution via an IPS transistor matrix may seem like the stuff geeks spout to compensate, but let me put it this way: It�ll look like ink, not dots. Got it? The one feature you always use on a smarpthone is the display. And it�s also the first thing that wows people sitting by you at the bar so yeah, Retina will pay dividends like BP before the Gulf. That�s it for this edition of Top 5. Go get your iPhone 4 and shoot, edit and upload a better version then send me the link. I�m B.C., see you next time.

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