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First Look: RCA Jet
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First Look: RCA Jet

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The RCA Jet is an MP3 player that sounds good, is inexpensive, and offers an FM tuner and stopwatch. The player features a splash-proof design and includes sporty clip-on earphones, an armband, and a wristband.

[ music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Hi I'm Jasmine France, senior associate editor for And I'm here today with the RCA Jet MP3 player. Now this is a Flash-based MP3 player, it comes in the one gigabyte which is shown here in black and yellow. And this retails for sixty dollars. And it comes in a two gigabyte model as well that is black and orange, and that retails for sixty five dollars. Now for five dollars more, why not get the extra gigabyte is what I say. Anyway, this is not a terribly attractive player I don't think, but I mean taste is all personal. However, it is ruggedized for sporty use. It's splash-proof which is really important when you're using it at the gym, you don't want the sweat to get in and damage it. It has a kind of texturized rubber backing that makes for a good grip. It's also really small and light. The controls I have a little bit of a problem with cause they're a little hard to press. But it's not horrible, it'll just take some practice. I just think it'll be a little hard to navigate for one-armed operation. In addition you get a menu button at the top. On the bottom here you have these water-proof flaps covering the ports, which is really important again, for a sporty MP3 player. You get the standard headphone jack, standard mini USB. And for the headphones, this player includes the handy dandy sports style clip on earphones, which are always really handy for the gym. They sound fine actually, and they do some reasonable noise blocking, but you do get a little bit of ambient noise, which would be good if you're using it for jogging. I think this is a pretty innovative feature, you can clip on the various sport bands that come with it. There's this wrist strap, and then there's also an armband. So you have two different ways of using the player. Finally, rounding out it's fitness-friendly extras, it has an FM tuner, which I consider to be workout friendly, because that means you can tune into the TVs at your gym. It also has a BMI calculator, a very basic one. You put in your gender, your height, and your weight, and it'll tell you what your BMI is. [ background music ] And it has a stopwatch. Just a black and white screen, no video, no photos. But you don't really need that for working out, so it actually makes it a very decent player for the fitness minded. You know, it's cheap, it actually sounds really good, and it straps onto your arm or your wrist. What more can you ask for? I'm Jasmine France, and this has been the RCA Jet. ^M00:02:00 [ music ]

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